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Dear web diary,

Well, today I guess was pretty good. I dont really like Mondays because it starts the school week off. Good thing we are about to get out from school in a few days! YAY! Well, guess what? I got Jergens Natural Glow Foam! I get to acheive my goal for being tan for 4th grade. And I hope to get good ratings on this web diary(blog) so plz leave comments. Well, dad is cooking dinner and my mom is watching stuff on netflix. (love it!)
we love netflixz! I get to watch all the movies and shows one episode at a time so easily. We have watched so many movies and episodes from the time we had it. I feel uncomfortable around peepz at school. and i feel like i cant keep my mouth shut. who has that prob? I no how u feel... Def. Tot. LOL! EWW! there is so many gross things about gross insects on tv! I know right!? A man is picking up these things can go in your skin! yuk. Well, I wanted to say I want to become a singer when I grow up. I watch all kinds of vids on youtube. I love MakeupYourWorld. And taylor if you can see this i love your vids as much as you love allthatglitters21. Well, It's about time to eat and after that I have to take a bath and put on (jergens) stuff and go to bedz. Love Yallz for reading this and I hope we get a lot of views! BYE TTYL,

Dear Web Diary,

Hey guys! Today was the school picnic and I didn't get to put on jergens last night,(sad as it is). Totally messed up my hands with dirt and I got my nails pretty dirty but not much. Well, not much is happening. I just got home from taco bell drive in. My mom got our household some food. Of course I didnt eat because I had already ate a sundae at schoolat the picnic. I am still grossed out by the bugs yesterday on the show.. Stress is all ovor this girl... ATT! Sis just signed up for cross country! I am happy she gets to do what she wants. But I want to be involved in a sport too. It seems as if everyone I know is. Almost most of the people I know play softball, I don't know if I'd like it but it wouldn't hurt to try. Does anyone know the People Mag.? Well I absolutely love the stars without makeup just lipbalm and moustrizer. It shows that you can be beautiful without makeup even when there is inpurities. I know I use such big words for a practically 4th grader. Only a few days until school is out and then a couple months after I am in 4th grade. I hope I get a good teacher and I also hope that I get to make good friends. I already have KasKas. She is a very good friend. It is safe to say that I am in P.A.C.E. And we got to send a letter to President Obama! Well, I am not really into that stuff at my age (political, democracy, goverment,etc.)ya know.... 4:00 is when I have to get off the computer. So bye, I am going to do other stuf...
Dear Web Diary,

Mood: Blah
Status: Happy school is about to be out.
Color: Pink and Grass

Sneezing like a lunatic. 5...4...3...2...1. SNEEZE! Yummy cakes on tv... Am I weird? Yes? No? It might be because I have the last day of school blues..... at&t might be the only thing holding me down rite now.... This might be the weirdest entry yet. No offence but dont put mean things on this page. Because I just am pretty much trying to express my feelings through here and everything on here is just releiving my stress, o and one thing, the phone is ringing off the hook. I wish it would stop but i cant make it stop... Well, watching the cake boss make another yet delicious looking cake. Hoping tomorrow will be pleasant yet surprising. I saw my crush today but he didnt see me which sucks because tomorrow isnt really a last day its more like the last-walking-into-the-school-to-get-my-report-card thing. This is sort of inspired by dear dumb diary but i promise i am not copying it. N.O. O.. and about the tan... ummm.... it did make me tan but it left streaks and i sort of looked weird at school! I was tote embarrassed. Docty Pape. That has been what I have said lately. Well, not really much 2 say but I might get on here later. This is joke and i dont really mean this but at the end of every entry im going to put see ya l8tr h8tr.

see ya l8tr h8trs.(n.o)p.s. i just ate a hamburger with fries. I reign supreme yate again..
Hey guys,

It's about to be my birthday lol. I am looking at Makeup your world videos to see what I want to buy!!
Dear Web Diary,

School is out! But, I want it to fly by cuz' i want to be a 4th grade. I am watchin I am Sam. I am at the part where the lady is on the table and talking to tell him about getting arrested. I am hoping I get to shop at Justice for school shopping.
Well, lately, well not lately but I used to play in my sisters makeup, she said I could have it after she got new stuff.... all her makeup!! But I am playing in the Claires stuff she had but she doesnt seem to care. bye
I'm back!
Hey guys! It has been my birthday already and I got my ears pierced and some other stuff. School is back in like one month and I can't wait to go supply shopping and clothes shopping. Right now I am watching a ballet movie. It is crazy. Who has watched the video for Round and Round? It's the new Selena Gomez Video. Almost every country singer thats a woman is getting married! I can't really beleive it that much. I hope everything is fine where you are and wherever you are I bet it is fun. I get to be out of school for one more month. Do you? Well, if you do, do you feel ike you want to go back so bad but when you go back you think you will miss the resting? I am so confused..... Well, off to go read what i put. Ok I am back and I have a headache. Probs because I have been on here a lot.... My eyes hurt.
Just in case you didn't get my mixed up with the other kaylees my other blog names on here are Makeup For Kids, My life ( this one) Pop music, Vampire Diaries.
Dear Web Diary,

Nothing much is happening. We just got finished watching Veronica Mars and today and yesterday was a good day. I painted my toe nails ruby red and pepto-bismol pink. Well, the ruby red didn't turn out good because it rubbed off on the side of my foot and on the floor. I was just surfing the web. Does anyone know how to get neat handwriting and do you think it is ok if young girls have long nails? I don't know if it would make me look prettier. I was scared it would make me not be a tomboy. I don't know if I am a tomboy or a girly girl. I was scared I was a girlie girl, but I don't know if that's anything I should worry about. I might have an office job or a job that involves typing when I get a job. ttfn, kaylee.
Dear diary,

I haven't written this in such a long time. My nails are a little bit long now! I am so proud! Who had the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Do it yourself book? I added a jewel to the O it is so cool. If you don't have it there is comics and if you dont have a book and you would to read it go too and go to the top left hand corner and all these things should pop up and click more and then click books. type in the title of the book and if it has it for you to read online scroll down the pages. But, some of them might not and it might just be the text and review. So, I love the Diary of a wimpy kid book and i like to blog. school is here again everybody! Lol. If you guys like school and you need to practice handwriting then write write write write write!!!! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! TTYL,


It has been a while!

Hey guys, I am back! I havent been here in a while and I am so happy! I see a lot of people have been visiting my blogs! Thank you so much! Well, I have been trying to keep you up to date with any kind of interesting stuff. I am watching read between the lions. I ate some spaghettios earlier today. Well, I will chat a little more today, and I am lEmoNz1 on chat. TTYl, Onliners BYE

Hey again, It's Kaylee.

I think I am getting the hang of his web diary again! I like getting on here now, and it might be an everydau thing. Right now I am watching 13 going on 30. The tv keeps skipping I guess because of weather but It get's annoying. I am about to put 13 going on 30 on the dvd player instead. But, I put in GREASE! Yay! I haven't watched it in a long time and its a good movie. I wonder when it was made.... Ill just check on the back of the case.... It doesn't say. But I think it is the 80's. John Travolta is a good actor, and so is Olivia Newton John. Maybe late 70's. Well, bye.

see ya l8trz
Web Diary,

I am known as bluefaithglitz on some chats on this website, so if you see that name, it is probably me.
(:Dear Web Diary,:)

This is my first time typing on a laptop for more than five minutes! It is a big change from a normal keyboard! So, for Christmas I got all clothes and 25 dollars in all! It has all gone by pretty fast! The school break is almost over and I am dreading it.... Whoever out there that is out of school is probably wishing that they just would give us two more months out of school! I really wish they would! It is so fun when I am with my family, and especially when we talk! Well, today I was sitting on the couch and we started looking at old pictures when my family was younger...! We got to see my grandmother's old yearbook photo and she looked the same as she does now! It really seems like people look the same after some odd years.... There is a little dog my grandmother owns and it's name is Tiny! It is tiny! Seriously! She won't grow and she is so small that you could literally put her in your hand! But there is a huge dog named Marley! Her head is as big as Tiny's body. There is a white cat, and I am sad that it is deaf... I wish it could hear us... It is a good thing it isn't blind, and I can't imagine what it would be like. Well, I am probably going to spend the night at my grandmother's house, and it will be so much fun! So, right now not much is going on, we are just watching a movie on TV. Mom is looking in a recipe book, mostly talking about cookies...! YUMMERZ! I LOVE cookies! I DO I DO I DO! Well, some of them I don't like so much, like these cookies with white nut chunks or something like that.. I know this is long but I hope you enjoy what I say!!!! Toodles:) !!!!! Wait, there isn't that much on here! So, someone is talking about blueberries, lol! So, that is something that you guys probably wouldn't want to know about... SO, in the guest book please write something about what you want me to talk about, like, more school stuff, or more pet stuff, or maybe even more stuff about what I like! I am open for talking and I am ready to add anything GOOD a viewer wants me to talk about... And check out my other blogs too, the names are in previous entries. Toodles! This time 4 sure! :)
Dear Diary,

I am back over at my grandmothers, spending the night. I got twenty-five dollars for Christmas and I have only used some of it. I bought a magazine and some stuff for chapped lips, and I lost it! I really want to find it, considering it is EOS! That is the stuff that some movie stars use! So, I got a cute poster that has a lot of pictures of Taylor Lautner on it, And I really like the Justin Bieber poster. It has the lyrics to 'U Smile, I Smile.' I like the lyrics, even though I haven't really heard the song before except for on Youtube. Well TTYL.
Hey peepz!

Long time no see! I really haven't been updating lately, I have been pretty busy. I started playing football, but i am not on a team yet. I don't tackle, dont much like to break and fracture any part of my body, lol.... Well, at school there has been a lot of tension between a boy who sits beside me. i really want to be his friend but sometimes it feels like he hates me. There is also a boy that is alone in a corner beside me, kind of far away. He keeps coming over to my desk and bothering me, and i really get mad. i guess someone in this world has at least felt like this once... Well, book orders came in for school, and I get to choose a few books to buy. It will be my first time ordering from one! LOL! My family is awesome! Today when I got off of the bus, my mom had my new guinea pig, Squirt in her hands. Squirt is so tiny! She is only a few weeks old, and she really likes strawberries. :) Well bye,


Omg! Dear Diary,

I didn't know this blog would get so many views!!! i really love my viewers, and please ask me any question you want on here! Thank you if you view this. Well, yes I do have a new website pending! It hasn't been published yet, but it should ne down at the bottom when you type in my name in the author box at the top. My name is Kaylee, and my websites are Vampire Diaries, Pop music, this one, and the one pending is Total Girl. It is gray when you see it, and I really hope they approve it. It will be a new addition, and it will give you even more room to ask me questions! It is all about life, school, and finding the new you. I think everyone will find who they really should trust someday. I used to think that not trusting someone at school, like another student, meant you had to stay away from them all together. But, it still means you really have to treat them like you would treat your friend. Seriously, if you are mean to them and ignore them, you might wind up hurting many peoples feelings, including yours. Well, ttfn, and i hope you liked the picture!

Dear Web Diary,

Got finished telling Sel Gomez about how my friend gets bullied, waiting for a reply. Loving Twitter! SO, I told Sel that my friend would feel so good if she replied back, and I hope she really does. Gee, do i have a lot to say. But dont just move pages because u think it wont be nice and interesting. So, over the amount of time I was off of this, I broke up with a friend, hated her, got back with her as my friend again, and my friend started getting bullied by this big group of girls. They seem to never stop, everytime she tells the teacher they just keep doing it. I sometimes wish they switched schools! Even someone on my bus is in her group, and was a total meanie to me. I feel like everyday her group might get larger. My friend isn't a bad kid, and she never does anything to them. I mean, nobody's perfect, but oh my gosh, they are totally rude and mean. All of these people on my monkey bars at school shake them, and try to push u off. I tried to show them who is boss, but u know how SOME boys are. I started collecting GOMU's and I have over 20 erasers. They are gomus gomus g g g g gomus! Crazy eraser fun, gomu time has just begun! i love squinkies too, i just <3 products that are so cute like that. Well, also I have had experiences with the paranormal, it even got in a picture with me. I am up at 10:00 right now, and my eyes are kind of blurry, but I like telling u guys what happenz, just so I can warn u if it eva happens 2 u. There is a certain boy in my class I get kind of confused about. One minutes he is nice, and the other minute he think he rules everything. I recently started talking more on bullying websites, posting more on twitter. My username is tinybunny and my picture looks like a bunny gomu eraser:) well, bye:)

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