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I hate how people get bullied so much. I know from my experiences So, I wanted to warn u about how viral it is getting. I see all of the kids on tv dying..... Well, it is all just sad:( So I wanted to tell u u r not alone:) I am here for you, and u can leave comments and stuff asking questions if you like, one by one, we can help make a change. And I don't just want to sound cheesy, I dont want to. I want u to take me seriously, because this is a BIG DEAL!
Crushes ( as requested from KissKissgirl and Whitley)

So, my crushes.... a subject seeming meerly too personal to spread throughout the world, but I will. I feel like I don't want a bf, but there are boys that I do like. Well, there was a boy in my class who was always nice, well, he still is, actually. But he has his moments when he can get mad, and I don't blame him. My friend has liked him too, and I am really mad at my friend right now. She isn't ACTUALLY MY FRIEND ANYMORE. I refuse to believe I would let someone like her treat me like this. Well, moving on... My celebrity crushes are Justin Bieber(taken), Taylor Lautner (probably taken), and Chris Riggi (probably not taken). Ok, on the subject of love. Love makes u blind, but i am definitely alert. I refuse to be blind, because then u get hurt. is my website. we have the subject of love, idk..... but moving on..... love is a thing god made, and it makes more people.... i wont ever probably find my TRUE love soon, maybe not in 20 years. Love kills slowly, and love gets somewhere slowly.
What has been getting on my nerves lately...... an insider

Well, I have been really mad lately at girls. They said I sent her a message on Facebook when I didn't and I think I finally got it through to her that I really did not. Well, I just feel like some people think they own the world and that they are better. SORRY, but this is like my personal diary. I don't know what to do about my friend, I told her how I felt about her and her other friend. They always hang out and now she never talks to me. Even after I told her she still picked M, lets call her, to be her partner. I don't want to tell M how I feel because M makes everyone feel so happy. I wish I could do the same but right now I feel like I am merely a tiny bleep on peoples radar. So What? Im not going to stop and wait for them. I am going to try to make new friends, I just like the feeling of being friends with a lot of people, just so you will have someone to talk to and not feel so awkward. Well, sometimes it feels like I have it good, and then something makes me a feel a little bit bad. I feel like I will never get to actually meet my true crush, considering I have known who he is for a while now... And I know his true personality, but it hurts me to know that we may never meet.
Mood: ConfusedMessage: People can be so confusing They make it look like they will change and that they are better and then they go and gossip or say something behind your back.... I guess I never should have given her another chance, and as sad as it seems, I never will.


I really wanted to do an advice extra. Send me in any question and I will surely answer. Okay, so something I learned is to always forgive people, AND IF YOU CANNOT TRUST THEM IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THEIR HANDS THAT THEY WILL BE ABLE TO RUIN OR NEVER TELL THEM A SECRET IF YOU CAN'T TRUST THE FACT THEY WILL KEEP THAT SECRET. Trust me, I know what it is like to feel like your own friend isn't even a friend. I mean, someone I know said that someone was their only friend when they are super popular.... I think that some people don't care what they do! But it is stupid, and I really don't think they have the right:) I am not telling anyone they are great, because everyone is worthy of good treatment. If you think you are nothing, you are wrong:) I know you are a great person, you always are:):):):) And you are worthy to treat OTHER people good too:)
Ok, so lately what has happened at school is I have been haunted. By a little girl ghost. I am not for sure but my friend sees it too. Well, also I was rolling down a hill and my nose got hit by my (maybefriends) head..... It bled.... A lot..... Oh, and also it is about to be my birthday! YAYZ!!!! my whole entire shopping list is lol..... just kidding ya

Birthday Biz

OK.... Special shoutout to my cuz TayTay and my cousin Alex, and his girlfriend Jess:) The coolest peeps in the world. I consider you, Jess, as family:) So, for my bday i got a lot of clothes, and some nail stuff, and twenty dollars! Review: BUY LIPSMACKERS DRPEPPER LIPGLOSS! OMG! IT TASTES AND SMELLS SO GOOD! Lol, there is perfume that I will do a haul on later, tho. LOL. I am so excited. I got stuff from Justice! To look at some clothes go to :) it is awesome and they had a sale the day my mom went there. :) So kool, so any requests plz post and message me at

Mood: :P Sick. Still Happy, I guess.My sister and I have a sinus infection.

Period. Is there that much to ask?

LoL. Surprisingly I can't wait to wear my new clothes and stuff when school comes back. But, I am enjoying the summer, VERY MUCH.

Any questions about stores and what to do this summer? email me at either or Follow me on Twitter as Daily_Kaylee and kawaiisurfer123! Peace Out People.B>
Dear Web Diary,

I changed my mind. I am not so bubbly about going back to school anymore. I don't even know if I will be able to make it. Lol. I know I can it is just the fact that I will have to deal with bullies again. What do you do when there is a girl you cannot trust, but you can't be mean and just ignore her. I have ignored people before and got in trouble for it. It is just so bad that I have to go to the only school where kids wear Tiaras and think that they are so SASSY. Gosh. In desperate need of cheering up,

So, I have been wondering what you think about some topics. So hereby from the month of August to
September please tell me how things are going at school and I will surely reply. Also, you can talk about the peer pressure that you might've had in the past, and also you can post a comment about how to get through school for the other people who see it:)

Please no mean comments, all mean comments will be erased.
This website has always been a form of expression.
Suggestions:So I suggest that if you are going through a rough time that you make a blog.

But remember, once something is on the Internet, it cannot be erased.

So, keep what you say to a minimum, and don't give out names, adresses, or cities.

And if you want to give your first name, it is fine, but not the middle or last.

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