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My name is Rosey21.(You can't see me yet.) I'm going to show you some cool stuff like cheats for example. BTW, Rosey21 is my fantage name.
Fantage cheats

1. If you win a fashion show try doing a pose and the camera people will take pictures of you! You can do this as many times as you want.

2.Some people want to know how to get out the window at the cafe. First you go in front of the map icon. Next click on the edge of the screen. Then click on the window and you will be out the window.

Let me tell you a fantage story. In this story two girls visit a another website:

"Gingerbread, Check it out!" Rosey21 shouted. Gingerbread looked at Rosey21 from looking for clothes at Le Shop. "What is it?" Gingerbread asked. "Is at the Creature Area!" Rosey21 answered. "Come on!" Rosey21 and Gingerbread ran(I mean flew) to the Creature Arena. "Over there!" shouted Rosey21, pointing at a swirly thing. "Is a portal!" "Maybe we should try it," Gingerbread said. When they entered the portal they were twirling around and around. In a minute, they landed. Gingerbread looked around. She saw people walking around with bears. "Gingerbread,where is that striped shirt you were wearing?" Gingerbread looked down at her shirt. She was wearing a green shirt. "And your hair!" Rosey21 said. "Is a ponytail instead of pigtails! And you're hair color changed too! It's green instead of of brown-red!" Gingerbread went inside a clothing store she found and looked in the mirror she found. She wasn't on a board and she looked completly different. "AHHHHHHHH!" she shouted. Even Rosey21 looked different. Gingerbread burst into sobs. "I don't want to be here!" she cried. "I want to go back to Fantage!" Both Rosey21 and Gingerbread heard footsteps. Then a bear with a red shirt appeared. "Don't cry," the bear said, handing out the tissue. "AHHHHHHH!" screamed Rosey21. "A talking bear!" "Is ok," the bear said. "I'm Ted the tailor." "Hi Ted," Gingerbread said wiping the tears off of her face. "We're from Fantage. We're called Fantagians." "Welcome to Build-A-Bearville," Ted said. "How did you get here?" "We went through a portal," Rosey21 said. "I better show you two to ChloeRocks," Ted said leading the way out of the store. It took less than a minute to see ChloeRocks. Her hair was orange and in a ponytail. She wore a strawberry colored shirt, jean capris, and white sneakers. "Fantagians? In Build-A-Bearville, we are called Build-A-Bearvill...ians." "We're trying to find a way out of here so we can go home," Rosey21 said. "Well," ChloeRocks said. "I don't know how to get you guys out of here. Maybe Pawlette knows. She's at the Pawforming Arts Center." Ted led Rosey21 and Gingerbread to the Pawforming Arts Center and went into a theatre. They saw a bunny onstage singing. "Hey pawlette," asked Ted. "Do you know how to get these girls back home?" Pawlette stopped singing. "No,sorry," Pawlette answered. "Maybe Sporty knows. He's at the Skating Park." Ted led Rosey21 and Gingerbread to the Skating Park. There, they saw a brown puppy. "Hello there," the puppy said. "I'm Sporty. How may I help you?" "Do you know how to get these girls out of here?" Ted asked. Sporty shook his head "No". "Maybe Bearemy knows. He's in town." "I know he has to know!" Gingerbread shouted. "I want to go home!" Ted led Rosey21 and Gingerbread to Town. There they saw a dark brown bear. "Hello Bearemy," Ted said. "Can you get these girls out of here?" "Yes i can," Bearemy said. "Follow me." "Bye Ted!" Rosey21 said. "We will come back to visit!" Gingerbread said. "Bye you two," Ted said. "I will remember you so much!" Bearemy led Rosey21 and Gingerbread to a trainstation. "Ride this train," Bearemy said. "Up ahead is a portal. It will take you back home. Bye guys!" "Bye," Rosey21 said. "Bye," Gingerbread said. They both got on the train. They were finally going home.
So, what did you think about the story?
Now continuing the cheats!

To get up the furniture store.

First you click the o on the uptown sign. Then you click on the u in the furniture sign.
I also have a couple of Club Penguin Cheats.

1.To get on the night club-

minimize the scene to 700. Then click on the u and change back to your regular size. You will be on the night club.
2.Here's how to complete mission 7 on secret agents

1.Talk to G.
2.Click the monitor with the snow forts in it.
3.Talk to G again.
4.Go to the gadget room and take the lifeguard tube off the shelf.
5.Go to the dock. Talk to the blue penguins. You will have to play a game(which is hard! or to me it is)to get the target.
6.Give the penguins the lifeguard tube as a replacement target.
7.Go to the headquarters and talk to G. Tell him you used the Electromagnetic 3000. He will tell you the combination "key"(the quotation marks mean that i just gave you a hint!)
8.Go to the invention cabinet in the gadget room. Put the word "key" into the code. The lock should open.
9.Get the Magnetron 3000 and go to the iceberg.
10.Find a spring in an ice cube. Use the Magnetron to pull it out of the water.
11.Go to the HQ. Go into the gadget room. Put the cubed spring into the test chamber. Pull the red lever then push the fire button. It will melt the ice. 12.Go to the town and talk to Rookie. Ask him for the gear poster.
13.Go to the beach and get the green bucket. Talk to the yellow penguin. She will talk about how she gave a yellow puffle a picture of a chair and the puffle made it for her.
14.Go to the snow forts. Fill the bucket with snow.
15.Go to the pizza parlor(in the plaza.) Get the music sheet next to the piano.
16.Go to the stage and put the piano paper on the piano. Play the notes it says on there. A yellow puffle will come out.
17.Give the puffle the gear picture. Then give it a bucket of snow. It will make the gear out of snow.
18.Go to the gadget room.
19.Put the gear in the chamber. Do number eleven except use the snow button.
20.Go to the snow forts and put the parts together on the clock.
21.The construction worker will be happy. Your phone will ring. It's from Herbert. He said that he underestimated you and destroying the clock was a distraction.
22.Go to the HQ and talk to G.
I think we should ban membership from the membership penguins because the get to do more stuff than non-membership penguins. The non-membership penguins can't:

1.Buy clothes.
2.Buy all puffles of different colors.
3.Open their igloos.
4.Put music in their igloos.
5.Play multiplayer in the dance-off thing in the night club.

It's not fair!
Here is an interview with Joe Jonas!

Q. Two TV series, a 3D concert movie, “Camp Rock,” a tour, a new album, I don’t know if I can recall a busier band. What the last vacation you had?

A. It is pretty crazy. I think the one time was when we were in the Bahamas about a month ago and it was very relaxing. We are definitely happy. Surprisingly, people are like — are you guys ever super tired?’ You know what? We are loving where we are right now simply because it’s like a dream come true for us.

Q. Can you tell us a little about the “Camp Rock” movie?

A. Yeah. The movie is about a young girl — Mitchie — who has always wanted to go to camp. She finally gets the opportunity to go to music camp, and there she kind of finds who she is, but in the midst of that she tries to become something she’s not and fit in with the cool crowd and be the popular girl.

Our characters are Connect Three.

We’re a band. It’s a great story.

It’s a great love story. It has great music and I hope everyone really likes it.

Q. Did you guys have anything we could call a normal high school experience?

A.You know, I’ve been home schooled since seventh grade. I definitely have my share of funny things happening. I had my favorite bands in my locker, and I was just a normal kid. I was kind of the weird kid. I think I was the one that hung out with a few people. I wasn’t like with the popular group. I didn’t want to be. Now I see the kids I went to school with come to concerts and say, “Wow, that’s really weird.”

Q. Do you ever get a chance to hang out with any of your friends from back then?

A.Not really. There’s a couple that have stuck around since the beginning, but you also meet a lot of people along the way, and it’s really easy to connect with people who are in the business. It might sound like a cliche, but it’s very easy to connect with people who are doing things like you. When you’re very busy and they’re very busy, you understand each other’s schedules.

Q. Have you guys ever actually been physically mobbed?

A.There have been a couple instances that have been close to that. We’ve been in situations where there have been people around us and you get a little claustrophobic, but it’s OK. We have people to make sure we’re protected.

Q. So it never got too scary?

A.No. We did have some funny instances with fans in the Bahamas. We were having dinner with our whole family. Our mom was there. This lady came to the front desk of the restaurant and said, “I want to surprise my boys. They’re the Jonas Brothers. I’m their mother.” We couldn’t believe it, because our mom was sitting there with us at the restaurant. The manager came over laughing and told us the story.

Q. I would think you’re at a point where it’s not a simple matter to go out for a cup of coffee or go shopping at the mall. Is that true?

A.Yeah. Going to a mall is definitely something we can’t do much. We’re in Europe right now, so we can pretty much go to a mall and not be bombarded like we would in the U.S. But, you know, it’s fun.

We still like to go to movies with friends and things like that. I think maybe one day we’ll put on a fake mustache and walk in.

Q. How much of a production is it to go to a public place? I assume there are certain things you have to do in terms of security.

A.Depending on where we would go, if it’s just to Starbucks, we’ll just go, me and my brothers. We’ll just drive there. But if it’s on tour, we have security with us and things like that.

Q. I assume you do meet and greets. I’m sure you run into very young fans that are just totally smitten with you but are far too young for actual relationships with guys. How do you tactfully handle crushes from 12-year-olds?

A. Yeah, you know, it’s funny. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the reaction when they’re crying or screaming or shaking. It’s kind of humorous, because you’re like, for me? . . . It’s hard to wrap your head around it why the reaction is so crazy. It’s kind of humorous.

Q. What’s your take on the whole Miley Cyrus/Vanity Fair controversy?

A.You know, she’s a friend, and I’d just like to talk about music and “Camp Rock” today
This is an interview with Nick Jonas!

NICK MAGAZINE:What instruments do you play?
NICK JONAS:I play the guitar, drums, and piano.

NICK MAGAZINE:Which one are you the best at?
NICK JONAS:I play the guitar the most, so I’m probably best at that. I love the drums though. It’s one of my favorite instruments.

NICK MAGAZINE:Is there a musician you guys would like to play with?
NICK JONAS:We’ve always dreamed about singing with Prince one day.

NICK MAGAZINE:Do you have anything you always do before you go on stage?
NICK JONAS:We pray and then we huddle up and chant, “Livin’ the dream, baby, livin’ the dream!” It gets us all pumped up before we go out there and rock.

NICK MAGAZINE:What has been your favorite concert site?
NICK JONAS:I have a couple of favorite places. In Los Angeles the crowd is always pretty crazy—Chicago, too. Chicago was nuts. New Jersey is always a lot of fun. It’s kind of a hometown crowd.

NICK MAGAZINE:Where in New Jersey are you guys from?
NICK JONAS:We are originally from Wyckoff, New Jersey. We lived there for ten years and then we moved to Little Falls, New Jersey, and we lived there for a while, too.
Time for an interview with Kevin Jonas!

LiveDaily: I understand you're in the studio working on a new album?

Kevin Jonas: We have only a couple things to do then we'll be done. It'll be very awesome to have another record already completed. Now we can hit the road. It's going to be awesome.

Are you going to play any of the new songs live?

We actually are, and that's going to be very exciting for the kids--to be able to hear some brand new songs. After the first show, it'll probably be up on YouTube and then all the other kids will know the lyrics to the songs. [Laughs]

You said you didn't feel like you've "made it" yet. What would it take for you to consider the Jonas Brothers successful?

I'm really excited about this tour. It'll be one of our first headlining tours. Then we've got so much more--we're going to release the next record, do another summer tour, then the TV show. I'm very excited for what the future has to hold.

For your headlining tour, you and your management laid down rules for people who wanted to purchase tickets to minimize the number of scalpers who bought tickets.

We definitely had a hard time on our last tour with Miley, with scalpers, because people were jacking up the prices of our tickets. So it was definitely really, really difficult. For us, when we came up with this tour, we really want to give the first few rows to our fans, so we opened those up to our fans. Then we had to go to a lottery system. Knowing how the scalpers work, they'll try and hire people. The scalpers will hire people to sit in front of the box office for days and days and days and just pay them to be there. So it's unfair to our fans. So we had to go to a lottery system. I think it's going to be an OK thing, but in our hearts, we want to do anything we can do for our fans.

What is the premise of your television show, "J.O.N.A.S."?

It's "J.O.N.A.S. (Junior Operatives Networking as Spies)." We're a band that plays music that's going undercover because they're international spies. It's a high-impact television show. We had to go through two weeks of martial arts training and it was awesome. We got to hang from wires. I did the whole "Mission: Impossible" thing, hanging upside down and doing flips in the air, right above the floor. It was awesome.

How do you expect to fit a television show and a music career into your schedule?

We definitely can do it. [Laughs] Once we're doing the show, we'll focus on the show. Maybe we'll be back in the studio when we're making the show. Then we'll be maybe doing fly dates over the weekend on tour. At the moment, we're just focusing on this tour that's going on right now.

Did you write the songs on "Jonas Brothers" collaboratively or does one of your brothers write the lyrics, another the music, etc.?

Me, Joe and Nick all write songs together. It's a collective group effort. There's not one person who does one thing more than others. Someone will write a song by themselves on occasion. It's very collective, very together. We build each other up to make the best song that we can.

For your album, you decided to put your own spin on Kim Wilde's hit "Kids in America," dubbed "Kids of the Future." Are you fans of that song?

Of course, the song is amazing, not our version but the version by Kim Wilde. [Laughs] It's a great song; we loved it. When they came to us with the opportunity to do it for the "Meet the Robinsons" movie, it was a really great idea. We were very excited to be a part of it. It's the first thing we did with Hollywood Records. Then we went and finished our record, and now we received our platinum plaque.

Have you seen your fanbase change since you released your first album, "It's About Time," and toured with Miley Cyrus?

Absolutely. Our fanbase has been opened up even more now to younger audiences, to older audiences, the parents, the teenage girls, of course, and guys are just awesome. It's growing exponentially. We're honored to be a part of that. The 56 shows we did [with Cyrus] were just great. Now, we're hoping to see if that will carry on to our own tour. It is very exciting for us.
Miley Cyrus is mean!

The "Hannah Montana" star and best friend Mandy tease Demi, 15, about a gap she used to have in her teeth, and then make fun of Selena's t-shirt.

Why the sudden catfight? Reports say Selena, 16, is dating Nick Jonas -- Miley's ex -- though Selena denied it to "Extra." "I'm not dating any of them," she said of The Jonas Brothers.

Demi and Selena are also being hailed as "Miley 2.0," but Miley told us, "I don't think there could be a next Miley."

Top 10 songs

4.Turnin Me On-Keri Hilson
5.Dead and Gone-T.I.
6.Stinky Leg-G-Spot Boyz
7.Beep Beep-Bobby Valentino
9.Kiss me thru the phone-soulja boy
Here is a Club Penguin story. Carla91881(me)and Lolipop898(someone I heard of) discover something in the forest.

Lolipop898 went to check the mail. She reached in the mailbox and pulled out a black envelope. Lolipop898 opened it and read:"You have been invited to camp out with me in the forest! Be there at 4:00PM. From Carla91881 " Lolipop898 would go but she has things to do first. She had to feed her yellow puffle,Macaroni,and her green puffle,Lime. She had to do a mission from the HQ. She had to give penguins a tour. When she finished doing those things it was 3:30. She had half an hour to get ready to go camping. She packed food,clothes,water,a flashlight,and a camping guide. Carla91881 picked her up at 4:05. "Sorry I was late," Carla91881 said. "It was crowded with penguins." The two penguins walked(I mean waddled) to the forest. "I brought my ghost book with scary stories in it," Carla91881 said. "I brought my camping guide," Lolipo898 replied. The two penguins set up the camping tent. At nighttime, they set up a campfire and roasted fish. Before they did that they stuffed the fish with marshmallows(lol.) Let's go exploring," Carla91881 said. The two penguins went to explore the forest. Lolipop898 used a flashlight. Then they heard a strange noise. "ree! ree! ree!" "W-What is that noise?!" Lolipop898 shouted. "I don't know!" Carla91881 said. "ree! ree! ree!" went the noise. "AHHHHHHHH!" the penguins screamed. Then a bush moved. "It's coming!" Carla91881 shouted. "Please don't eat me Mr. Monster sir!" Lolipop898 shouted. "I want to live!" But instead of a monster, a green puffle came out of the bush. It had a whistle in it. "ree! ree! ree!" went the whistle. "Oh!" Carla91881 said. "It was a puffle with a whistle." "We should give it to the pet store tomorrow so she can put it up for adoption," Lolipop898 said. "Good idea,"Carla91881. So the two penguins took the puffle and went back to the tent. Then they went to sleep.

Numbah 1

Numbah 1 is a bald kid and the leader of the crew. He doesn't like Lizzie even though Lizzie likes him.

Numbah 2

Numbah is a big kid and likes airplanes a lot. I think he likes numbah 5...

Numbah 3

Numbah 3 is a girly girl and likes rainbow monkeys. I don't think she likes anybody.

Numbah 4

Numbah 4 is the shortest member of the Sector V club. He has a crush on Numbah 3 even though he gets mad at her a lot.

Numbah 5

Numbah is the only black member of the KND. She might be with Numbah 2...

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