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I was thinking that Phineas and Ferb could get a makeover.

1.They should have more people in their group:
2.The episodes will be better.
3.Instead of having a crush on Vanessa, Ferb should have a crush on Irene.(Pictures of her shown on bottom.)
4.Candance and Jeremy should go out.
5.Ferb will talk more than he does.
6.Irene will have a crush on Ferb back.
These are pictures of Irene. Enjoy!

Irene with black hair.

Irene with blond hair.

Irene, Anne,and Jada form a group called The Candy Girls. Irene is the one with the brown hair.

Irene(left)going goth with her sister.

Irene is a tennis player.

Irene with flower

Irene being amazed after Ferb flirted with her.

Ferb following Irene.

Irene and Ferb holding hands

Irene and Ferb both going goth

Irene and Ferb
I'm really sorry that there is a lot of pictures. I bet that you guys are bored. I'm sorry that this blog is long too. I bet that you didn't feel like reading that build a bearville story.
Well I hope you enjoyed my blog. And don't forget to take the survey.

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