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Welcome ! Youkoso !
My name is Lucile, I am 15 years old.

And I am from France.
I love Asia and after to have presented you 4 countries of that continent ...

...( Vietnam, China, Korea and Sri Lanka ), I have to present you Japan.

So, Japan is a country located in East-Asia.
It is composed of 4 islands : Honshu ( the biggest ), Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku.
Its capital is Tokyo, with 12 000 000 inhabitants.
The national language is Japanese, spoken by around 127 463 611 inhabitants.
Its surface is 377 835 km.
There are 47 departments : Aichi, Akita, Aomori, Chiba, Ehime, Fukui, Fukuoka, Fukushima, Gifu, Gunma, Hiroshima, Hokkaid, Hygo, Ibaraki, Ishikawa, Iwate, Kagawa, Kagoshima, Kanagawa, Kchi, Kumamoto, Kyto, Mie, Miyagi, Miyazaki, Nagano, Nagasaki, Nara, Niigata, ita, Okayama, Okinawa, saka, Saga, Saitama, Shiga, Shimane, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Tokushima, Tky, Tottori, Toyama, Wakayama, Yamagata, Yamaguchi and Yamanashi.

This is the Japanese flag with the anthem of this country, that you can hear there.


Kimi gayo wa
Chiyo ni yachiyo ni
Sazar ishi no
Iwao to nari t
Kok no mousou mad

The national language is Japanese.
Like many of Asian languages, Japanese is written with ideograms that you have to learn if you want to read a Japanese newspaper or a Japanese book.
I found differents sites ( in French or in English ) to learn this language :
or there.

[picture not found]

It exists a sort of Japanese music called J-pop and J-rock which is very popular in Japan. You can discover some singers and their songs on this blog.

1-Aozora No Hate of Miwako Okuda.
2-Sakasama no chou of SNoW.
3-Baghdad Sky of AYA.
4-Tears of Uura Saeka.
5-A little Pain of OLIVIA.
6-Namida Kuroi of Anna Tsuchiya.
7-Shadows on the Road of AYA.
8-Yuki No Hana of Mika Nakashima.
9-Heavy Starry Chain of Tommy Heavenly.
10-Good Bye Days of YUI.

For the people who like J-pop, C-pop, K-pop, V-pop, C-rock, J-rock,... : go on this site.

The religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shintoism.

The Japanese currency is the Yen.

1 Yen = 100 sen.

The traditional dress of Japan is the kimono.
It is worn for great occasions and its price is very very expensive.
A woman chooses her kimono according to her age, her statute ( married, single, ... ) and the characteristic of the event.
Men also wear the kimono.

Japan is not recognized for its cuisine but I want to make an article in my blog about it.
Japan is rather recognized for its tea.

Here are some examples of the Japanese cuisine :
-Kombu (kelp), katsuobushi (flakes of cured skipjack tuna, sometimes referred to as bonito) and niboshi (dried baby sardines) are often used to make dashi stock.
-Negi (welsh onion), onions, garlic, nira (Chinese chives), rakky (a type of scallion).
-Sesame seeds, sesame oil, sesame salt (gomashio), furikake, walnuts or peanuts to dress.
-Shyu (soy sauce), dashi, mirin, sugar, rice vinegar, miso, sake.
-Wasabi (and imitation wasabi from horseradish), karashi (hot mustard), red pepper, ginger, shiso (perilla or beefsteak plant) leaves, sansho, citrus peel, and honeywort (called mitsuba).
The monuments of Japan :

The Daibutsu, also called " the Great Buddha ", of the city of Kamakura is a representation of the Buddha Amida ( or Amitabha ). It measures 11.5 m and weighs 120 t. It is venerated by the Buddhists of Mahayana.

This is a photo of the Himeji castle.

It has built around the years 1300 and it has been finished in 1608. It is situated near the city of Kytoto.
Today, it is the Japanese national treasure.

The Fuji Mount ( or Fuji Yama ) is not really a monument but a thing that you have to see. It is situated at the South-West of Tokyo and it reaches 3776 m.

Started in 1937 by the third shogun Ashikaga, the Kinkaku-ji of Kyoto was first a vila before to become a temple of the zen Buddhism.

The To-ji temple of Kyoto is a pagoda. It is the highest pagoda in Japan ( 57 meters high ). It has been rebuilt in 1653 after a fire.
Tokyo :

This is a photo of the Bentendo Temple, which is situated in Tokyo.

There are many temples in the Japanese capital like the Toshogu.
Tokyo is the biggest Japanese city and the capital of this country. It is located on the island of Honshu. There are around 12 000 000 inhabitants ( without the agglomeration ) and it is the biggest conurbation in the world. It is constituated of a historic part and a modern part. There are many museums and monuments.

The Senso-ji, is an ancient Buddhist temple, situated in Tokyo.
It is the oldest temple of Tokyo.

The Shinjuku-Gyoen garden is a park located in Tokyo.
It was the residence of the Naito family before becoming a garden.
It is opened every days from 9.00 to 16.30 except the Mondays.

The Kabukiza is a famous Japanese theatre of Tokyo.
It has been inaugurated on the 21 st of November in 1889.
The theatre can welcome 1600 spectators and the representations take place daily.

The Meiji Jingu, also called the Meiji sanctuary, is a Shintoist temple, built between 1912 and 1920 in the ciy of Tokyo.
This temple is dedicated to the divine hearts of the Meiji Emperor and of his wife, the Empress Shoken.
The sanctuary is divided in 3 parts :

You can see the town hall of Tokyo and its twins Towers of Kenzo Tange.

This is the Imperial palace of Tokyo.

This palace is located at the centre of the city of Tokyo. It is accesible only 2 days by year for the tourist : the second day of January and the day of the Emperor's birthday.
It was the Emperor's residence and it has been destructed in 1945 but it has been rebuilt in an ancient architecture.

No, it isn't the Eiffel Tower but the Tokyo Tower. That Tower measures 333 m and it is the highest Tower in metal in the World. Its design is based on the Eiffel Tower, in the French city of Paris.

We don't have to forget what happened those days of August, 6th and August 9th 1945 in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the End of the Second World war but also the beginning of the hell. Those days, Americans launched a bomb on those two cities.
Results : 75 000 died, 90 000 wounded and many people without shelter, in Hiroshima and 20 000 died, 60 000 wounded in Nagasaki.

This blog is the blog of the month on May 2007. Thanks !

Thanks to have visited my blog.
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