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2007-04-16 Dorothy (Japan)
1 yay I get first message!!I really like ur blog,I would recomend it to ppl who would like to learn more about Japan.Will u visit mine?Its all about the wizard of oz.Its not a kiddish movie..I can't event think of anyone who doesn't like it.

2007-05-01 still seon, 18 yrs (86=china)
2 i have read all your blogs, i found you are a great person,can we contact??

2007-05-31 Nicolas (France)
3 Good job Lucile : once again, your blog has been selected as the 'Blog of the Month' !!! very very nice...

2007-06-05 Lauren (Ireland)
4 How do u make contiuers on ur blog its really clever can u teach me xxx

2007-07-24 Ayoung, 15 yrs (Korea)
5 Hello? Hey! Are you Japanese? I'm korean:) My name is Ayoung Jeoung. I'm looking for penpals from all over the world. I want to be your friend. I will be waiting for your anser for e-mail.

2007-08-07 duy, 15 yrs (Vietnam)
6 konichiwa! i like this blog and the others 2!r u french?

2007-08-07 dm, 15 yrs (Vietnam)
7 Hi! r u Japanese? i like your blogs. but how do u know all these stuff?

2008-06-06 feenaz, 14 yrs (malaysia)
8 hyeeeeeee, u have a nice page!!!!!!!! i'm from malaysia so i didn't know about ur culture... i hope u can tell me more about ur country...just e-mail me at

2008-07-04 ahmednah lrhafi, 39 yrs (Morocco)
9 as i'm verry fond of Japanese cultureb i've vsited your site to know about this country.if you are interested to know about my country Morocco i'm ready to help you. with a lot of thanks

2008-08-13 Sarah, 9 yrs (USA)
10 This blog is is great! But, it's not perfect. I a 9 and a half out of 10. When I'm older I want to visit Tokyo.

2008-12-20 eun, 16 yrs (korea)
11 this blog is wonderful~!!. U like history ,dont u? haha.. i was soooooooo surprised at your knowledge!!!(i saw many blogs u made!.) iwanna talk to u!! because i 'll go on a trip to japan next year!~~~ so please~~ e-mail me please~~~ >

2009-10-12 Geum Jin Hee, 16 yrs (Korea)
12 Anyeong. Im Jin Hee from Korea. I've read your blog, it's amazing. :) Can we be Friends?

2010-12-03 emily, 10 yrs (usa)
13 i love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!! check out my blog!! the title is all about cats

2010-11-27 taylor, 17 yrs (america)
14 i saw that we can be pen pals... well im interested... i was wondering if you can teach me more.. or just friends... but i love this blog i want to read more... but how do i find your blogs?

2010-11-27 taylor, 17 yrs (america)
15 i was amazed about this blog!!!! i love it! the info is great. i love the oriental culture..... its such a rich beautiful one! you can say im obsessed..tehe. but anyways i love everything here.. i had no idea that the kimono you wear depends on age and stuff... and btw thats cool that your french too! thats reall cool! -taylor

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