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Magic: The Gathering - The Artifact's Cycle

The Legends's Cycle:
This series, I think, was very good and entertaining.

It's filled with gore, battles, strategic plans,
brilliants surprises, sickening deaths and humor.

I get all of my books from the library,
and since I am the fastest reader I've ever met,
I usually read 200 page books in a day or two at leisure.
But, as you can tell, this series is relatively older.
Johan and Jedit were written in 2001, while Hazezon, the third book, was produced in 2002.
The books themselves are rather small and the type even smaller, and all three are around 300 pages long.
This type of book is common for older magical tales and novels.
Such as the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series.
So, unfortunately, I took a long time in reading this book.
It's so small that I need absolute (or almost absolute) quiet in order to get a large chunk done.

But, altogether the series is FILLED with large, juicy words that some even I had to look up!
It was a challenge to stick to the series until the last book,
but I've finished the series and it's proved fruitful.
My knowledge in ships (some sailing, some flying) has widened and my thirst for battle has been quenched a dozen times over.
Clayton Emery seems to have a huge sense of humor,
and has a talent for stating difficult things while the point still comes across.

And although this series has cost me a lot in fines at the library,
I don't regret picking it up for a fraction of a second.


Book one of the Legends cycle.

Main characters:
Jaeger Ojanen
Hazezon Tamar (Governor of Bryce)
Adira Strongheart (Governor of Palmyra)
Johan, the Tyrrant, Ruler of the Northern border.

The battle for Bryce has begun.

The city of Bryce is being watched by unfriendly eyes.
A mysterious prophecy, a desperate wizard,
and an extraordinary tiger man are somehow caught up in the city's destiny.
One man must race against time to understand how -- and why -- or risk the enslavement of his people.

Book II of the Legends Cycle

This book, in the end, is relatively sad, but it is filled with such good chunks of spine-tingling, blood-curdling scenes and events that it's worth it. Besides, who could stop such a good series when only on the second book?

Revealing the previously untold story of one of the Magic: The Gathering game's most popular characters, this book will give fans a glimpse into the history of the Magic universe and provide an alternative storyline to the current stories being told in the Invasion trilogy and the Odyssey Cycle series.

"Indeed a strong heart,"

Book III of the Legends Cycle

This book is my second favorite of the series. Jedit is my favorite, but this book was full of the solving of secrets and the end of the Artifact's Cycle, so I can't help but remember it fondly.
Magic: The Gathering novelists are not kind. In each book someone loved is lost.
It's not a fairy tail. It has losses and gains, some worse then others, but in the end, you realize that no matter how sad, happy, sappy, grim, gross, mushy or scary a book is, when you finish and dwell on what you've read for awhile, you tend to realize just how wonderful the book was.

The denizens of the desert live in the shadow of the sacred, where battles are won or lost at the whims of the gods. Now the outcome of one desert war could change the history of Dominaria forever.

The prophecy of None, One, and Two will finally be fulfilled.


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