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This is a website that probably won't really be viewed very much.
But that's because now-a-days kids, teenagers and adults alike are not into fantasy.
But I make this for the ones who do, and the ones who appreciate it.
Now, this blog is basically all about Magic: The Gathering.
But most of it is not about the game.
I play a little Magic, but I'm average. We do have a Friday Night Magic here, but I have not yet gone.
Anyhow, back to the point.
I am, not being a talented Magic player, a maniac in reading.
So, naturally, I've started reading Magic: the Gathering books.
It's basically novels about the cards and the characters.
But the whole 'series' itself is complicated.
There are series, such as the Artifacts cycle, the Legends cycle, Ice age cycle, Invasion cycle, etc.
And in these cycles, their are 2 or more books. Some are not even by the same author!
So, it's a bunch of authors writing for Wizards of the Coast about the cards.
Sometimes the novels actually PRESENT new card characters, artifacts, artifact creatures, etc.

"Generally the cards provide the world in which the novels are set, and the novels sometimes provide characters represented on cards. But cards also introduce their own characters that might not appear in the novels. In short, the Magic creative team and the novelists work largely in parallel and inform each other as much as possible."
-Brady Dommermuth; Magic's creative director

All of novels take place in the multiverse (the center nexus of which is Dominaria), which consists of an infinite amount of infinitely different planes.


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