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Calling All Authors - Writer's Block

How to Beat Writer's Block
Stuck? Writer's block? Here are a few tips for getting words on the page.
1. USE A CLIFFHANGER OR TWO. Cliffhangers add interest and suspense. Plus, they get you thinking about what you can write next.
2. WRITE FROM A SUPPORTING CHARACTERS POINT OF VIEW ON THE SIDE. Outside of your book, write from another character's point of view. It gives you a fresh perspective on your book, and maybe sprouts some ideas.
3. SLEEP ON IT. You'd be surprised how many famous authors "slept on" their writer's block or lack of ideas and dreamed about a new idea for their book. It's not foolproof, but it's better than nothing.
4. WRITE SOMETHING ELSE. Put your quandary away for a while and work on another book, poem or just brainstorm. This gets you thinking about something else and uncorks your creativity stream.
5. PUT IT AWAY FOR THREE DAYS. Exactly three. No more, no less. When you return to your book, you'll see it differently and, with luck, have a good idea about what should happen next.
6. USE REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS. Maybe your book is about a teen in middle school. If you had a bad or good experience that might get your book moving again, adapt it to fit your book and use it. This makes your book seem more real and/or personal, and it gets your creative spirit flowing again.

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