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One of the key elements to any good book are interesting characters. Characters are the people in the book that do things. If you have boring characters, you can have the most interesting plot in the world, and your book will be hopelessly dull. So here are a few tips and tricks that will give you realistic characters in your book:
1. No one is perfect.
-Give your characters flaws. A flaw is something that isn't that admirable about your character. For example, a character may talk too much, or maybe they like to exaggerate. You decide.
2. Everyone is unique.
-Be sure your characters have likes and dislikes, special talents, hopes and dreams, a favorite food, etc. Characters aren't just people in your book. They should each have a different personality.
3. Be honest.
-Life isn't always sunshine and daisies, right? Be honest about hard things in your characters' daily routine. For example: being ostracized or made fun of, unpopularity, work without pay, injustice, annoying siblings, etc. etc.
4. Be original.
-Don't use stereotypes in your story. For example: If your character is orphaned, don't use the whole parents-died-of-disease thing. Or the little parents-abandoned-them gig. That's cheesy and annoying. Fractured fairy tales are nice, but only if they're different from the standard. A fractured fractured fairy-tale might be a good idea, but be careful you're not using stereotypes. Like the whole happily ever after ending. Unless you've changed it up a bit, don't opt for it. Or the once upon a time beginning, unless you've changed it.
5. Be creative.
-Try to take readers by surprise. Put in some twists and turns. Cliffhangers are always a classic, especially if you're writing a series. If you're going to use a cliffhanger, be sure it's a good one. Involve your characters' emotions and ideas to make it more shocking to the reader.

Whatever you write, remember to have fun while you're doing it!

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