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The Giving Tree...where do I begin. Every body always loves this book, but to be honest it's always creeped me out. Don't get me wrong Shel Silverstein is a GREAT writer, I love his poem books. But THe Giving Tree creeps me out. I mean what tree moves and is OBSESSED with a little boy. Why would the tree let him take her wood, "OH I AM IN LOVE WITH THE LITTLE BOY" No. You just don't do that! This book gets ...

I put The Witches in the childrens section because it technically is NOT a novel and more of a childrens book. I LOVE Roald Dahls books! I have never found a book written by him that I have not loved. I think the best part about this book is how he brings childhood nightmares to life, but in a funny way. I think that if you're an adult or a little kid you would love this book because it brings back childhood. I give this book
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