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Unbroken was a very good Non-fiction book. Normally I hate Non-fiction books, but I had to read this one for summer reading. And I can tell you I don't regret it one bit. I think the reason I loved this book so much was because the things that happened to this man are unbelievable and sad. I felt like I was reading a Fiction book half the time. I am eally excited it's getting turned into a movie, even though it's going to be gross. Love this book, it gets !

I'm very proud of myself because this whole time I am typing without looking at the keyboard!

I know this book is a classic and everything, but it wasn't one of my favorite books. I liked it over all, but at parts it was very confusing. I think what made it a worse book for me is it's a somewhat older style of writing, which I don't really like. But if you like older, classic books than this is one for you. It was definately an nteresting story, and since there was a court case it could be good for people who are interested in law. This just wasn't the book for me :) I do give it though, because of what an interesting plot it is. If I had a 3.5 stars it would be that. But then I'd feel horrible because it's a decent book, so never mind. Lol :)

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