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21.October.2012 Book Quiz

Dates running from:

22.October.2012 to the 31.December.2012

Age Group:



Write down the answers to the following questions and email them to me via the email button. Put down the following information:

A GAME NAME (Please use a game name that does not include your real name (for your safety).)
Your age
Your nationality
Your hobby
Your favourite genre
In the subject line write Book Quiz answers. Please note that if there is nothing in the subject line the email will not be opened.

The Questions:

1. What is the name of the snake in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets?
2. The first Charlie Bone book is called-------?
3. There is a frog prince in which story ?
(a) The princess and the pea
(b) The princess and the frog
(c) The princess and the pauper
4. Who wrote Lee goes for gold?

(a) Keith A. Charters
(b) Susan Cooper
(c) Rosemary Sutcliff
5. Who writes the 39 clues?
6. What is the Roman name for Pan?
7. What genre are the Hunger Games?
8. Who wrote Breathe?
9. What age group is Twilight written for?
10. Why are books written?


The winner will receive a link (via email) to a print out certificate and a list of books and websites that have something to do with their hobby and favourite genre.


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