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Sapphire Battersea
Jacqueline Wilson

4 stars
Historical Fiction/Adventure

I would recommend this to any child who likes Historical Adventure or even just plain adventure.
This book is about a 14 year old girl who was taken by the hospital as a foundling. Her mother called her Sapphire Battersea but when she got to the hospital they christened her Hetty Feather.She found out that her mother was working at the hospital and often visited her but when the matrons found out her mother was sent away. Hetty/Sapphire was sent to work as a maid... Will she survive without her mother or will she not?...
Island of the Aunts
Eva Ibbotson

5 stars
Fantasy mixed with real life

I would recommend this book to any child who likes stories of normal children saving fantastical creatures and living in a strange world whilst leaving a word behind them. Three aunts;be trusted, Aunt Etta, Aunt Coral and Aunt Myrtle live on a hidden island caring for magical and amazing creatures but the aunts are getting old and need some help to keep the creatures alive. They know adults can't be trusted so they go away from their island in search off some children that need kidnapping. Will the newly kidnapped children Minette and Fabio be able to save the magical creatures?

Sarah Crossan

5 stars
Adventure/Science Fiction

I would recommend this book to people who like to imagine what the world would be like with no trees and not enough oxygen and people who just want a bit of adventure. IN A WORLD WITH NO TREES, NO AIR, NOT TRUTH... THERE IS NO CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT BACK............!


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