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The Story Inside a Poem - Have you ever- Poems about life
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Have you ever- Poems about life

Here are a few poems I wrote about life and things that a thirteen year old girl will go through!
Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room?
Have you ever laughed as you met certain doom?
Have you ever screamed out your fears for reasons unknown?
Have you ever pretended to be someone else or acted like a clone?
Have you ever raised out your arms and wished to fly?
Have you ever just cried because you felt like in deep down inside?
Have you ever pretended to be someone youíre not?
Have you ever found yourself wishing to be someone else a lot?
Have you ever questioned life?
Have you ever battled with lifeís constant strife?
Have you ever dreamed about new times?
Have you ever struggled with lifeís constant climb?
Have you ever wondered how this world became a world of constant lies?
Have you ever looked at the world with new eyes?
Have you ever wondered in this world what is true?
Have you ever judged a book by its cover just because someone told you
Have you ever
Tip fpr writers: Not poems have to ryhme but a good poem needs to have a rythm pattern to it or have a strong meaning.
Gone Forever?
Everything goes quiet
I am lost in the silence; will someone please tell me why it is so silent?
And I swear the world ended for more than a second
I canít think of life without your presence
I am shaking and the tears want come anymore
And Iím praying in a second you will show up at my front door
With a smile as big as the sun
And your say I was just having fun
The word death was never in my vocabulary
And it being you was never even thought of to me
It wasnít even in my worst nightmare
And I no longer know where
I am heading to a road of tears
With all of my worst fears
They linger here, forever
This was never supposed to happen, NEVER!
Now who am I to pretend that itís all okay
When I am yelling at god every time I pray
They say it was your time to go
But all I say is so?
I guess itís time to face reality
For this to finally be true to me
Everything goes quiet
Thank you for taking time to read my potery. Feed back postive or negitive is grearly appericated, I will update the blog everytime I write a new poem, so come back often!


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