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Hello, my name is Jade I am 13 and want to be a writer, here are some of the poems that I wrote feel free to put postive or negitive feedback! (I need it) Thanks!
I see you crying yourself to sleep at night
I know you feel like dying
But what if I told you there are other ways to end your pain
Darling let go of what you have been hiding let the tears fall until they go
You say you canít take it anymore
The fears always reappear at your front door
And you canít help but listen to all those things the people say
Stop worrying now everything will be okay
Why do you always keep your fears locked away?
I know sometimes you wish to escape
Just let the tears fall and soon there will be better days
But just show your smile and forget all your pain
God has wonderful plans for you so please donít throw them all away
Just smile, let the tears stain your face and wish the pain
Soon you will be lost in better days

The poem above I wrote about one of my friends, for future writers and poets remeber the great thing about potery is no one knows the true meaning of the poem exect the poet.

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