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Blue Rose
A USUK FanFiction.
My name is Arthur Kirkland. Currently I am doing something that I used to think was a curse to society… I guess I still do, somewhat. I am not entirely sure how this came to be, him and me, but I guess what matters is that we’re happy…
“Why are you so intent on bullying me, Arthur?” Alfred, the one I have spoken of asked me.
“What do you mean bully you? I’m cooking you dinner aren’t I?” I yell, swinging my spatula in the air in disagreement.
“That’s exactly what I mean! You know we could just go out for burgers… The shops around my place sell some amazingly awesome ones!”
“You would rather eat a burger than enjoy a meal cooked by me?” I glare at him from the kitchen.
“I would rather eat a rat than something cooked by you…” He mumbled under his breath.
“Geeze, Alfred sometime I feel like you’re the bully…” I say with a sigh.
I know he doesn’t normally like my cooking, but today I’m trying my hand at something Feliciano taught me how to make. From what I’ve been told, he’s pretty fond of Italian food, so I swallowed some of my pride for him.
I always found myself wondering why I do this for him. He picks on me and it seems like the only things he’s interested in are the things Kiku gives him. He’s a complete airhead who can’t seem to sense the mood at all… Why is it that I can’t get him out of my head? I normally would just shake it off and say that it’s just because we’re good friends, but recently it’s really been bothering me…
“Hey Arthur,” I feel him staring at me from the living room.
“What do you want?”
“What do you think of me?”
“Huh? Why do you ask?”
“Because I want to know, why else would I ask a question?”
I stand there toying with the food trying to come up with a good answer. What do I think of him?
I turn off the stove and prepare to serve the food. Perhaps if I feed him that will distract him long enough for me to think of a good answer to his question.
“Are you going to answer me?” He asks staring at me.
“I um, w-well I”
Before I could think of something else he leans across the table and kisses me as though he knew the answer before even I knew.
“W-what was that for?”
He stared deeply into my eyes. This serious side of his is starting to scare me. It’s rare that he would ever look so serious… Why would he kiss me?
“You know, Arthur, I’ve loved you for a long time. Back when I was a kid I thought it was just a brotherly love, but now I realize that it’s different. I want you as my own; you are completely different from anyone I’ve ever met. I don’t think I will ever see someone like you ever again. Someone like you… You are a rare thing, like a blue rose… You are my blue rose.”
I look at him in disbelief. Not only for the fact that he said something so intelligent, but he also said that he loves me. I would normally think something like this is a mere joke, but he seems so serious about it that he would die if I said I didn’t believe him.
“You don’t have to answer me now… After all I know you don’t really think that gay is the way…” He glances away from me. I could swear there is a tear in his eye.
“Alfred… I-I love you too.” I look away from embarrassment… But I now realize that I do… I do love him…
“R-really?! You aren’t just saying that?! I’m so happy!” He sighs in relief. “I can’t believe you feel the same way!” He happily starts eating the food I prepared for him. It seems he wasn’t going to have any appetite if he didn’t get that off his mind.
I start on my plate. I’m not too sure what he sees in Italian food, but he enjoys it so I guess that’s what counts…
After dinner he brings me up to his room and throws me onto the bed. I get a little nervous, after all this is my first time and it’s with another guy… He plops down next to me and looks deeply into my eyes once again. I think he notices my nervousness, or he’s nervous himself, because he just kisses me on the forehead, gives me a hug and falls asleep next to me.
“Geeze,” I whisper, stroking his hair, “I’m your blue rose huh?” I kiss him on the forehead as well. He may be a bit of a jerk, have a weird personality, and no ability to sense the mood at all, but those are things among others that I seem to like about him… I don’t think I will be able to meet anyone like him either… I guess he is my blue rose.
I kiss him once more on the cheek. He is so cute…
“Good night, sweet rose.”



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