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OK...Where should I start... Well my name is Casey and I enjoy writing short fictional stories. They normally are about creatures from a world I made up(Hanauro). I also write fan fictions... I wouldn't recomend reading some of those unless you were into yaoi(boyxboy) or yuri(girlxgirl). Anyway that's about all you need to know...
Aika's Beginning!

"I am so mad at Hikaru*!" I began shouting down the halls of MG(A recording company I work for that doubles as a Guardians office).
"Calm down Aika☻-chan!" My friend Harumi♥ grabbed at me and tried to pull me back. Problem is, she's half my size so I wound up dragging her all around the studio.
"What on Earth could Hikaru have done to irritate you so much this time?" Kyoko♦, my bestie, asked in a nonchalant way as she stole some of my pocky.
"He's trying to marry me off to Skyler♣!" I said, stealing back my pocky.
"What's wrong with that? I thought you and Skyler were dating."
"So then why is Hikaru suddenly interested in your love life?"
"'Suddenly'? Hikaru has always been trying to get me with that creep!"
"Ok, but that doesn't tell me why."
"He wants us to produce a strong offspring in order to keep protecting the humans."
"Ok, ew. But that reminds me... Why did you join the Guardians*? After all we help humans, but I thought you couldn't stand the sight of them."
"Oh, that... Um I believe it was when I was 5? 6? Oh, who cares how old I was... It all started when..."

I was young... Skyler and I were alone in the Western Hanaurin♠ islands. Naturally with most of Western being the "bad part of town" we had to be tough to get through the night. I mainly stayed in my animal form due the fact that someone who controlled light, like me, could never be taken seriously by some of those scary dudes. Feeling pretty useless I would go off on my own and collect berries for him and me to eat. He’d deal with the tougher stuff like hunting or fighting.
One day, Hikaru had just appeared. Skyler thought he was trying to steal our food and naturally attacked him. It was a pointless effort… No matter how many times he had hit Hikaru he wouldn’t even bruise☺. Getting concerned for his sake, I tried to conjure up an illusion to help us get away.
“Well, little fox… I see you’re not entirely demon… No, can you even be considered a demon? With human and crystal• mixed in it’s hard to tell… Show me your true form!” He demanded.
I was hesitant but I wound up doing as he said. “Why the heck do you care what I am? You reek of humans… I hate humans…”
“But you’re partially human. Does that mean you hate yourself?”
“Even if I am part human, they will never accept me! As long as I have my tail I’ll never fit in like my brother!”
“You have a brother?”
“Three. Two of them, the younger ones, were taken away from me and the eldest went on to live with those putrid creatures you call humans!”
“That’s quite the vocabulary for someone so young!” He laughed. “Actually humans are not all bad. You can trust that coming from me. I’m from Northern Hanauro… No one hates humans more than the Northerners◘.”
“Aika, I don’t like this guy… He looks like a pervert.” Skyler said behind me as he observed some of his wounds.
“Ah you definitely have the bitter personality of a Dark Wolf. Are you this little fox’s negative*?” Hikaru glanced over at Skyler.
“I don’t know what you’re talkin’ ‘bout but I do know you’d best leave us alone. Aika has the eye of the cursed Segumi clan!”
“As threatening as that sounds, I was actually friends with the Segumi head. I know very well what those eyes of hers can do. Nothing more than read someone else’s emotions.”
“How do you know my father?” I said stunned.
“That information is unimportant. I can tell you that your father left you in my care in the event that he and your mother would be unable to take care of you.”
“I ran away from them! I want nothing to do with that family anymore!”
“Haha! You’re too young to be doing such things. But in that matter, I have no interest in taking you back to your father… Not in the state he’s in… You see your mother has just died and your father has kind of… uh…lost it… In any case your new family head will be put in their place, considering your father has gone so insane they had to put him in the care if the Southern Mental Institute…”
“Whatever… I’m not going with you either!”
“Yes you are.”
“No I’m not.”
There was a loud grumble.
“I have food!” He said with a wide smirk.
“Tch.” Skyler and I said in unison.
We went with him merely for the food, but somehow wound up joining the Guardians. I detest the thought of helping humans even to this day. But thanks to the Guardians, I was finally able to see all of my siblings again.
“Wow,” Kyoko began, “That was so much less dramatic than I expected…”
“Hey! At least it’s better than your story if being recruited because you accidentally burned down a building!”
Kyoko and I stopped bickering for a second and looked at each other. “Now that I think about it,” we said together, “Does anyone know why Harumi and Haruhi◙ joined?”
The mystery of those to will remain forever unexplored…
Special symbols explained in the author's notes.
Ok check it! I've finally finished the designs for some of my characters... until I can figure out how to post them all in one frame I'll have to do it in multiple frames.

She irritates even me. She's Harumi's sister who is often jealous. She is;

Shrouded in mysteries...yet so sweet...


Isn't she cute? XD
She wasn't mentioned in the first story but she wasn't in the building at the time. She's Harumi's best friend.

The fiery beast herself! Aika's best friend and worst rival...

The original character, whom I have worked on stories with for 4 years. She has gone through many many revisions until I came to the. She may be a triplet, but she is the one and only...
Author's Notes
I hope you have enjoyed this story I will post links to others as soon as I write them...
Ok so the special characters were to mark things that I wanted to explain in the story but didn't want to make it too lengthy.
*Hikaru- The founder of the Guardians. An energetic blondie with a mysterious past. He claims to know Aika's father but who can really say he's not lying? Has an obsession with experimenting and wants to find out what would happen if you try to breed negatives. Aika refuses to go along with it. He is a dragon demon.
☻Aika- A blonde hair magenta eyed warrior with the extraordinary gift of reading people's emotions. She hates humans and can control light.She is a Fennec fox demon.
♥Harumi- An adorable young girl who has brown hair and green eyes. Her past is unknown. She can control water. She is an otter demon.
♦Kyoko- Despite being able to control fire, this redhead is often more level-headed than Aika. Aika has always been facinated by her long hair, how it is red at the top, then slowly fades to white toward the bottom. Kyoko is a red fox demon.
♣Skyler- A silver wolf demon who is able to control darkness also know as a Dark Wolf. Skyler is thought to be Aika's negative. Skyler is in love with Aika but she doesn't feel the same.
*Guardians- A group that acts as a political party for the southern half of Hanauro. They do odd jobs for humans but also keep an eye on the Elders.
♠Western Hanaurin Islands- Probably the worst part of Hanauro... Many times people will even be forbidden from speaking of them...
☺"he didn't even bruise"- Well duh! He is way older and more experienced than skyler was and it was full grown dragon v.s. wolf pup.
•Crystal- A type of Hanaurin beast. They fight using crystals...thats about all there is to them...
◘"no one hates humans more than the northerners"- a long time ago the demons and other beasts used to live on Earth but were driven out by humans in the forgotten wars. Southern Hanauro as managed to forgive the humans but the Elders, the governors in Northern Hanauro, still hold a grudge.
◙Haruhi- Harumi's older sister. Aika isn't found of her though... Haruhi is also an otter demon but can control plants and rocks
Alright that about covers it...

Also about the pictures. I made them on CreateShake on the iPhone. I don't have too much creative freedom with that app, and can only make female models with the same pose. I can't really complain though because it's better than my failure drawing...


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