My comic drawings - my style of chibis

The Really Really Energetic Girl Who Only Likes To Wear Blue Colors
Name:Paran(~is blue in Korean)

name:Gomun(means torture in Korean)

The Prince of Thieves
(Maybe a little bit too fancy to be a thief but, you get the point)
(Got to admit, he's the most good looking chibi I drew§—.§—;;;)
Name:Somechigi(means pick-poket-er in Korean)

The healer who studies inside a magic circle.
(I did a lousy job on this one. §–.§–)
Name:Se(which means bird in Korean.
This is Cyberlink. SHe's from the future and a master hacker.
Sorry I haven't been posting theses days. School started and I'm having trouble with my math and hummanities homework.

Mr or mrs webmaster, I tried to post a picture here, but for some reason, it doesn't work
People! What kind of character should I draw next?
Requests can be taken at the forum!!

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