My comic drawings - welcome

100 viewers! Thanks!
I'm soon 13.
I'm gonna join Deviantart then.
See if you guys can find me!
ps.background isn't done by me.

Hi, My name is Kyunglee Park and I'm currently living in Germany.
My hobbies are writing, reading, and most of all, drawing comics!
One of my famous(?) works are the Fruitsalad series, though it currently has only two stories.
I'll post it sometime later.
Anyway, I'll come here as often as I can and post my works.

(P.S-That's my character Pineapple. She has brown hair, though I have black hair. She's the main character in Fruitsalad)

So, when I get my deviantart account, my id picture will be this one.
Try to find me people!

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My comic drawings - welcome (Art)    -    Author : Kyunglee Park - Korea

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