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Hello, and welcome to my blog! This is about horses, so we will only be discussing horse related topics. Please see my other blogs Animal Lovers and Pony Lovers (Animal Lovers). Also, see my page if you want to be my penpal, want to comment on one of my blogs, suggest something for present/future blogs, or have a question about animals. Please also ask me questions on my blog if you have them Also, please see my BFF's blogs too, she'll appreciate it. I want to recommend a bunch of stuff to you, so all these links can be accesibble in one of the below post. I know the blog has this new first post, new posts will now be on the bottom, but I still hope you like it. Thank you all for visiting my blog and I can't wait to hear from you!

~Sophia, animal lover

I want everyone to know: Horses are special because they ALLOW us to ride them. They build trust with us. No matter how good you train them, they choose to cooperate. So do dogs, except you shouldn't ride them obviously. There will be blogs by me about specific horses and ponies. This one is just about horses, but we mention a few donkeys and ponies sometimes. The next blog is about equines, but the specific breed is a surprise, so keep your eyes open!

A horse a beautiful animal. Mares are adult female horses, while stallions are adult male horses that had not been gelded (which is like neutered, which means to stop a male from helping to reproduce, but for male horses). A gelding is a male gelded horse. I'm not sure what a spayed female horse would be called. Maybe it's not possible. The horse is meausured in hands up to the shoulders. Riding a horse is great fun. There are two types of saddles: Western and English. I have ridden Western once. Dressage is competitive horse training. It's in the Summer Olympics. Treat your horse with care, and I would say, whipping, spurs on cowboy boots, and any other way of hurting your animal is not going to build trust with them. Please take care of your horse, because they won't feel pain (and you will feel how I feel about using methods like that, if you love animals), and trust you. Riding without saddles is awesome, if you know what you're doing, because it shows trust between you and your horse! Trust IS they key with these equines. You can either have a nervous horse or a best bud AND riding star (along with you)!

This website is for anyone who loves horses as much as I do. Please feel free to leave me a comment (nice ones), question, information on horses, or a suggestion. We will be discussing horses on this blog. If you want to write about other animals, please go to my blog, on this website. I will get back to you. If you wish to leave me an email, that option is comming soon. This is my page link, if you wish to contact me! Any penpal requests, questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome!

Animal Lovers, my animal loving blog! This blog discusses all animals and animal related topics such as care, how we can help them, and stuff like that.

My blog Pony Lovers (Animal Lovers) where we discuss pony breeds, care, and other topics realting to ponies. Just a site I thought equine lovers would enjoy.

Now this IS SUCH A CUTE little Appaloosa foal!

This horse looks quite magestic.


So cute!
Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a really long while, sorry about that. Fortunatley, I'm back now! Now I just need to search all things horses and do a little bloodhound work, sniffing out some adorable horse photos!

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