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Hello animal lovers! I'm Sophia and I love animals too! I love cats, dogs, horses, dolphins, and many more! Do you want to help animals? My blogs will help you do that!

Isn't this a pretty kitty?
Welcome! Pony Lovers (Animal Lovers), and Horse Lovers (Animal Lovers) is also published! It's about our friend the pony! This site is the "main page" for my blogs. It tells some cool facts about all the animals you love! Also, some pretty cool stories, books I think you will love that I enjoy, pictures that are ADORABLE, and a lot more animal fun!


Hello! Do you have any pets? What's your favorite thing about them? I don't have any pets, but I REALLY REALLY wish I had some!

I LOVE bunnies too! Do you? They're just sooo cute! When choosing this picture, there were so many choices! Anyway, I will be making blogs about how to help animals, specific animals, and just animal fun! If you have any suggestions, please contact me.

All pets, no matter what size, need loving homes!

Hi everyone! I think if you want to help animals this site would be helpful: and! Head on over there to find instructions for how these sites help animals. My role model, Mimi Ausland, created this site.

Here's a cute equine picture!

A beutiful photo of a Leonbeger (which I think is German) dog. I love how this picture captures the beauty of this dog, don't you? Those eyes just say "I'm a loyal loving friend" all over!


Lop-eared rabbits have ears that fall downward and do not perk up. I think they are so adorable! Do you?

Baby bunny!

Isn't this little guy (or girl) cute? Hamsters are so sweet!

AWWW!!! Animals definatley have a touching part in our lives! From the smallest chick from the biggest Saint Bernard, animals are just so sweet!

The dog is a loyal animal that is a good friend to people. If you're feeling down, go find a canine to play with!

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