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Now for some info on the pony: The pony is a small version of the horse, well because, they look like horses but smaller versions. Obviously, they have hooves, a mane, and a tail. These companions are great pals, but you can't ride them for too long. Shetland Ponies are a favorite breed of mine, These guys are good for leading around and letting a 2 year old ride on, but not any person older than 4 should ride them. If you really want a riding pal, you should look towards horses. Ponies are just great pets. But pets, aren't just pets. They are best friends who are always there.

Hi everyone! This is my 3rd blog, about ponies, those miniature horses! My other two are about all animals, and horses. This is the site about ponies, for pony loving fans!

Here's a link to my Horse Lovers blog: Horse Lovers! This is blog is about our friend, the horse, information, pictures, advice, care, and more!

Here's a link to my other blog: Animal Lovers! This blog includes all of my favorite animals, probably most of yours too! All of my blogs include the basics: information about the animal(s), pictures, advice, care for the animal(s), and a lot more. If you don't see anything yet, updates are modified by the people who made this site.

This is a link to my page! This is where you can contact me. Any penpal requests, positive comments, postive feedback, suggestions, or blog requests are welcome. I do not accept negativity in your feedback/comments. You can also ask me questions about animals too, if you have any.

Howrse (that's the spelling) is another good site! Just a site that I thought any equine lovers would like to visit. You can raise a horse on this site, but it's pretty realistic and not "Dress the Pony" type of game. You can get horses/ponies/unicorns/pegauses/donkeys in auctions, get fantastic items, train equines to be champions, and more fun.
I am very sorry, but I have not had time to update this blog reccently. I will have to shut it down. Fortunatley, I will make a new one when I have time. Maybe you can convice me on the forum to keep it, I will make another eventually though.

Now we shall be interviewing a pony breed: the Shetland Pony! Shetland Ponies were cart pulling ponies and developed in the Shetland Islands in Scotland. Here some information and pictures on the Shetland Pony!


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