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Camargue, France.


Camargue has always stood out to me as a very mystical place. I really want to visit there one day, especially to see the wild horses.


After reading 'The No.1 Lady's Detective Agency' series, which is set in in Gaborone, Botswana is one of my top places I want to go to.


Nicaragua is situated in Central America. It's only just recovering from a civil war, caused by the Sandanista Movement (Daniel Ortega is another reason I want to visit), but is still a beautiful place.


Svalbard is mid-way between Europe and the North Pole. I've wanted to go there ever since I read 'His Dark Materials' books, as it is where the armored-bears live (Obviously not in real life).


I'd love to visit Romania one day. I love it's spooky buildings and beautiful landscape!


I've wanted to visit Israel for a very long time, especially to see it's dry deserts, forest hills, beautiful wildlife and historical landmarks.

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