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This is one of my Labrador Retrievers. His name is Barley, and this is him right after he's been swimming.

About Labs:
Labradors are originally from a place called Labrador. They are very strong swimmers and have very similar tails to Otters, which helps power them through the water. They where originally used as fishing dogs, and used to retrieve fishing nets for the fishermen in the cold sea. Labradors have two coats to keep them warm in cold temperatures.

Labradors come in 3 different colours: Chocolate (Also called Liver or Brown), Yellow (Sometimes called Golden or White) and Black. Labrador Retrievers can grow up to 24 inches tall and weigh between 55-80 pounds. Males are bigger than females.

Labs need a lot of exercise! They enjoy very long walks, swimming and playing fetch. They are also good at activities such as dog agility, fly-ball and retrieving game birds. Labradors are often used as dogs for the blind, police dogs and rescue dogs.

Labradors have great personalities, and love to be with people, especially children - and don't like to be left on their own. They are very loyal and friendly dogs who will do anything for their owners

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