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modifier supprimer 45121 - de Pacôme 154 , 30 ans (Côte d'Ivoire ) - 2023-08-10
Voyages - "Je veux connaître la culture du Canada"

Je désire vraiment visiter le Canada pour mieux connaître sa culture.je veux me faire des amis dans ce pays

modifier supprimer 45102 - de Aroa41 , 14 ans (Spain) - 2023-06-22
Voyages - "Where would you like to travel?"

Hi, i'm Aroa and i would love to travel Mexico from side to side.

And you, where would you like to travel?

Kisses ♥♥ and Hugs ♥♥

modifier supprimer 45069 - de Skaï 244 , 20 ans (Cameroun ) - 2023-04-29
Voyages - "Correspondant"

Hello I’m Skaï

45069 -
modifier supprimer 45142 - Réponse de Dohee229 , 19 ans (South Korea) - 2023-09-18

Hi do u have a page in this website?

modifier supprimer 45061 - de Dave241 , 70 ans (United Kingdom) - 2023-04-22
Voyages - "Need UK host or travel partner?"

I have travelled a lot in past years, & benefitted from hospitality of people overseas, and wished I could reciprocate. I know how much nicer it is to have a friend in a foreign country to meet, be with and travel with! I could be a host for someone (female) hoping to visit UK. Alternatively if you like to have a travel partner to another country, this is possible too. I am British (though also American for 15yrs) and speak only a little French aussi. Prefer people with intelligence, manners and willing to tell all about themselves. No time-wasters please. I treat people the way they treat me.

modifier supprimer 45028 - de Carlos58 (USA) - 2023-02-05
Voyages - "Travel"

Hello everyone I will be traveling to France and italy in 2025 dose anyone want to meet me there.

modifier supprimer 45023 - de Fatima217 (Italy) - 2023-01-23
Voyages - "me"

Hey there reader!
Idk am bored and i'd like to know more people out there.

45023 -
modifier supprimer 45024 - Réponse de Nicole225 , 13 ans (Jamaica ) - 2023-01-28

I'd like to know more about your country!

modifier supprimer 44881 - de Adoris66 , 24 ans (Bénin) - 2022-10-25
Voyages - "hey"

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing great.
i'm a Tour Guide, i speak english, spanish and french. I'm looking for new friend, would you mind it?

44881 -
modifier supprimer 44918 - Réponse de Anvar173 , 12 ans (Russion) - 2022-11-23

Hello pen pal my name is Anwar and I study at Alabuga International School. I love robotics and many different lessons. I really like traveling to Turkey and Egypt but I would like to stay in Dubai or in Russia by myself. I live in a more or less well-known city. In our city toilet paper and engines from KAMAZ (this is a truck) are produced. I'm waiting for an answer from you.

modifier supprimer 44609 - de Emre173 , 10 ans (Turkey) - 2022-04-29
Voyages - "traveling and hobbies"

Hello my name is Emre. I'm from Turkey,Izmir but my school is in Russia,Alabuga. In our school we have interesting lessons: Science and Math for example and sport clubs. My hobbies are travelling, maps and languages.I know Turkish,English,a little bit Russian.What languages do you know? Interesting fact - the richest country in Africa is Rwanda. I'm 10 years old for now.I've been in Izmir,Istanbul,Ankara,Adana,Malatya,
Balikesir,Dubai, Athens,Chelny,Kazan.

44609 -
modifier supprimer 44706 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Hello how that yes Rwanda is a rich country Africa is naturally rich but it is the exploitation of these riches which often poses problem what Rwanda has understood. Me I speak French English and a little Spanish

44609 -
modifier supprimer 44703 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Bonjour comment ça oui Rwanda est un pays riches l'Afrique est naturellement riche mais c'est l'exploitation de ces richesses qui pose souvent problème ce que le Rwanda a compris. Moi je parle français anglais et un peu l'espagnol

44609 -
modifier supprimer 44660 - Réponse de Ailien173 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-05-31

Hi! My name is Ailien. I'm from Russia. I like to travel around the world. For example I want to go to Japan or Korea. Also maybe I want to go to Tomsk. I was a lot of times in China because there is my father. Now I want to tell you about my hobbies. My hobbies is to listen a music, to read a lot of of books, go for sports and etc.

44609 -
modifier supprimer 44645 - Réponse de ALIYA65 (PAKISTAN) - 2022-05-25

Hello Emre,
Nice to know about you.I am a teacher in Pakistan and I teach English and Global Perspectives.

modifier supprimer 44600 - de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-04-29
Voyages - "Places I have been"

Hello everyone! My name is Ali and I have been in Hungry,Russia,Albania,Montenegro(very good hotels) and Turkey. If you guys were somewhere intersting and want to say then don't hesitate!
Peace from

44600 -
modifier supprimer 44646 - Réponse de ALIYA65 (PAKISTAN) - 2022-05-25

Hello Ali,
How are you? I am a teacher in Pakistan.Good to know you have been to places.I also love travelling but get little chance.

modifier supprimer 44593 - de Abygaël 138 , 14 ans (France ) - 2022-04-19
Voyages - "Voyage"

Hey, my name is Abygaël, i'm french 😆. I would like make a voyage in America (thats my dream). Could someone explain to me the steps to follow to be able to leave?
thanks you 😊

44593 -
modifier supprimer 45124 - Réponse de Blossom 🌸 29 , 11 ans (Nigeria) - 2023-08-14

Hi Abygaël,
If you can get stuff like birth certificate/affidavit, BRP letter, CV, medical certificate, if you require any police clearance certificates, date declaration transcript, International passport, you may need a COS, you may need FSL documents and also immigration Cot.

44593 -
modifier supprimer 44965 - Réponse de Anvar173 , 12 ans (Russion) - 2022-12-16

Hi, I also love to travel, though I've traveled a little bit, I really want to fly to Dubai and where do you want to fly, write to me

modifier supprimer 44568 - de Garrett153 (USA) - 2022-03-21
Voyages - "Greetings!"

I really would love to get to know people of other countries. I really enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. I want to visit places like Europe (Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, and Poland are places I would really love), Asia (I would really enjoy to visit many of the islands in Asia), and I would enjoy visiting South America and Africa as well. To be honest I just want to visit new places and make new friends. Let me know if you are interested! (Also, I play a game called Geoguessr, which is about geography as well :) let me know if you want to play this!)

44568 -
modifier supprimer 44724 - Réponse de Arina173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-16

Hello my name is Arina,I to like to travel to. In what country you was? ✈😝

44568 -
modifier supprimer 44602 - Réponse de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-04-29

Hia! My name's Ali and I have been to Russia,Turkey,Albania,Montenegro(Amazing Hotels there) and Hungary(one of the places you want to be in). If you want to ask some questions from here you can ask me anything:)
Peace from

44568 -
modifier supprimer 44569 - Réponse de christopher22 , 12 ans (united states) - 2022-03-30

i want to play with this

modifier supprimer 44566 - de Mian Aster 169 , 19 ans (France) - 2022-03-21
Voyages - "Travel around the world -Sunrising ambience"

I speak French talk/ English / Spanish-speaking

Yo me gusto los vacaciones en los pais del sol quero hablar de todo por eso hablemos un momento .
Like to discuss about everything

Let me know if you feel good to exchange.

44566 -
modifier supprimer 44796 - Réponse de Irene123 (España) - 2022-08-10

Hola , yo soy de España

modifier supprimer 44564 - de Celuaxh36 (France) - 2022-03-18
Voyages - "Voyage en France"

Hello :)

Est ce que quelqun ici partage la meme passion que moi ? j'adore voyager !! :D Pour ma part, le voyage c'est un art de vivre :D j'aime découvrir des endroits, des petites régions insolites en France surtout celles dont je connaissais même pas l'existence ! en fait je vais toujours sur ce site https://lespepitesdefrance.com/blog/
pour savoir à peu prés où aller et quoi découvrir pour mes petit weekends, vacances ou juste mon petit citybreak (d'ailleurs très efficace pour se detendre :D) en France. Il y a tellement de pépites à explorer, je vous conseille vivement ce site pour vos prochains destination en France !

44564 -
modifier supprimer 44894 - Réponse de Chloé167 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-10-31

Salut Celuaxh, moi aussi j'adore voyager en France. Je suis de l'ouest et j'adore cette partie de la France. Je ne sais pas si tu as déjà visiter les cotes Atlantiques car elle sont magnifique. Je te les conseille.

modifier supprimer 44547 - de Nuvee 157 , 14 ans (Sri Lanka ) - 2022-02-24
Voyages - "Trip to Badulla"

Hi everyone, I'm going to tell, you about a trip I went. So, I went to Nuwara Eliya with my family members last Saturday. We came back Tuesday. Actually I enjoyed lot. Saturday we went to Badulla first by train. We came to Badulla at 5.00 p.m. Next we went to my dad's friend's parents house and we rest.

Next morning we started our trip after worship Muthiyangana temple.( Muthiyangana temple is on the 1st photo of my gallery) After that we went to see the Dunhinda waterfall. When the water falls down the water becomes a mist because water hits on a rock 🪨 which is situated down of the water fall. So we introduce this waterfall Dunhinda waterfall.It was hard to see the waterfall, due to it's situated in a difficult place to go. But If you come to Sri Lanka, you should go to see the Dunhinda waterfall. It's really beautiful. Next we went to Adisham Bunglow which is situated in Haputhale. After that we went to see the Bogoda Bridge, which is prepared by wood before 400 years. I think it's great. Do you? Next we went to see Rawana waterfall, but we didn't see it clearly because it was evening. What would you think?

Next day we went to Horten plains and we saw the little World's End. Actually we went to see the World's End too, but we weren't saw it clearly because there was a big mist. It's really hard to walk in the Horten plains, but it was fun. There were 9km to walk if you want to see the World's End. After that we came to Nuwara Eliya and there were 14 degrees Celsius! It was very cold In Nuwara Eliya. We saw the Gregory lake and came to our accommodation. Next morning we came to the railway station to go back home.

44547 -
modifier supprimer 44882 - Réponse de Adoris66 , 24 ans (Bénin) - 2022-10-25

Hey, i'm sure that you liked it, that would be a good experience for you ?
i like it all the same

44547 -
modifier supprimer 44548 - Réponse de Nuvee 157 , 14 ans (Sri Lanka ) - 2022-02-24

So tell me your idea about my trip. I want to know what would you think about my trip? Please. Bye for now. So reply to this message. Tell me what would you think?

modifier supprimer 44521 - de Mary43 (Peru) - 2022-01-29
Voyages - "Someday"

Hi people of the world, as everyone Im here to learn languages and meet new lovely people and their culture in the process :) , As this forum is about travel I gonna write some words about it^^. Im learning (or trying) a couple of languages, and my dream is to travel and perhaps, who knows y'know', live there some months while also doing my job as a translator. Hahaha dreaming costs nothing. Anyway I would like to travel and live some time in 🤭 Uk, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan,France,Germany and last but definitively not least some of the countries in the Maghreb, the Arabian Peninsula and levant. Sorry for the technical names but there are plenty of countries in the middle east 😅and have limited characters. So... you know, we all share this dream to travel and learn new cultures and experiences and I hope oneday this dream could be real for all of us. XD I haven't planned to write this much.

44521 -
modifier supprimer 44545 - Réponse de Melanie95 , 18 ans (Germany) - 2022-02-23

That sounds so cool! Germany is definitely worth a visit especially Berlin. If you plan to go there you have to visit Spreegold, its a cafe with the best pancakes ever!! Wish you the best and greetings from germany (:

modifier supprimer 44515 - de Nissi186 (India) - 2022-01-26
Voyages - "Searching For a Travel Buddy."

Hey People,

I am Nissi. Currently I am in Germany due to my studies and I am an Indian. I am planning to visit my parents in April and also to travel at the same time. I am planning to cover some important parts of India and I am a kind of Food-Traveler, I like to explore different kinds of food through the diversity of India. I am also looking for a travel buddy where traveling together is a bit of a savings and avoiding loneliness (As I Don't have Siblings I wish to take a friend with me).

Maybe we can be friends and travel together, I am very good at planning and I can be a good friend and support in every situation. If you wish to! Just simply reply to this and we can plan it together.

Best Regards,

44515 -
modifier supprimer 44532 - Réponse de Djibang Athanas Samb124 , 37 ans (Sénégal) - 2022-02-09

Je cherche des correspondantes dans le monde

modifier supprimer 44514 - de Elizabeth203 , 22 ans (Mexico) - 2022-01-26
Voyages - "Hi guys!"

I’m from Mexico and I’d love to make new friends with the same interests than mine 😄
My dream is to go to Italy, I think it’s one of the most beautiful countries

44514 -
modifier supprimer 44710 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Hello written me please

44514 -
modifier supprimer 44709 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Bonjour écrit moi s'il vous plaît

44514 -
modifier supprimer 44567 - Réponse de Mian Aster 169 , 19 ans (France) - 2022-03-21

hello 👋

let's talk together , glad to hear that you are motivated.

Of course it's nice to see people from another country as ours.


modifier supprimer 44502 - de kazue151 , 49 ans (Japan) - 2022-01-10
Voyages - "looking for friends who love traveling"

Hi I`m from Japan. I love travel and meet new people. Let`s be friends!!

44502 -
modifier supprimer 44711 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Bonjour avec plaisir mon mail dienendour111@gmail.com

44502 -
modifier supprimer 44704 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Bonjour avec plaisir mon mail dienendour111@gmail.com

44502 -
modifier supprimer 44509 - Réponse de william161 , 6 ans (United Kingdom) - 2022-01-24

Was it good there?

modifier supprimer 44466 - de Min21 , 14 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-12-13
Voyages - "Travelling!"

Heya fellas! I'm actually obsessed with travelling lol but I've never travelled to any countries. I've only visited to many amazing places inside Sri Lanka itself. Anyway, I'd like to visit France one day. Anyone else who likes to visit France? The culture of France is just Perfect 💜️.

modifier supprimer 44463 - de Diego14 , 16 ans (France) - 2021-12-11
Voyages - "I dream of traveling"

Hey! My name is Diego and I love to travel. I have already traveled to Germany and Spain and inside France. But now we can no longer travel, because of covid 19. So, I would like to meet people from different countries, make friends and travel without moving from home. If you want to get to know me better, do not hesitate to send me a message, I would gladly read it.

modifier supprimer 44459 - de Mayin189 , 32 ans (México) - 2021-12-06
Voyages - "Travels"

Hi guys!
I would like to travel to the United States.
In especial to San Francisco.
I love the beaches and sea, but I don't know to swimming.

44459 -
modifier supprimer 44501 - Réponse de kazue151 , 49 ans (japan) - 2022-01-10

Hi I`m from Japan. I`m new this site. My friend recommended me to use it. I love travel and meet new people. Since Corona has been around all over the world, i am trying to have a conection with many people.

modifier supprimer 44451 - de Theo104 , 10 ans (Usa) - 2021-11-29
Voyages - "Where I’m planning to go"

Around 2022 I’m gonna go to Oliver tree’s last concert. It’s gonna be awesome

modifier supprimer 44447 - de Bilal7 , 10 ans (France) - 2021-11-23
Voyages - "J'adore les voyages!!!!"

j'❤️ les voyages!!!

Berlin, Dublin, Alger, New York, Amsterdam, Paris
je les aient tous vu est adoré!!!!!!

44447 -
modifier supprimer 44880 - Réponse de Adoris66 , 24 ans (Bénin) - 2022-10-25

salut, vous allez bien j'espère. Vous avez déjà visité le Bénin révélé ?

modifier supprimer 44438 - de Norose184 , 15 ans (France) - 2021-11-14
Voyages - "Discover (*゚▽゚*)"

Sup ! I’m interested in learning more about countries all around the world and new culture.
I’ve been travelling a lot before Covid 19 but now I can’t.
So I’d like to discover ur culture and language
Plus, if you wanna learn French you found the right person :)
1505090 is my pen pal number, I’ll be waiting for your answer
Hit me up

modifier supprimer 44419 - de Tiphaine218 , 13 ans (France) - 2021-11-03
Voyages - "Hi! :D"

Hi!! I'm Tiphaine, I'm from France, and I like to travel! I want to meet people from foreign countries and discover their culture, and improve my English.I am really interested in Asian culture. If you are interested in French culture, or if you just want to chat, don't hesitate!

44419 -
modifier supprimer 44712 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Write to me

44419 -
modifier supprimer 44705 - Réponse de Diene Ndour 207 , 20 ans (Sénégal ) - 2022-06-15

Écrit moi

44419 -
modifier supprimer 44448 - Réponse de Bilal7 , 10 ans (France) - 2021-11-23

je suis comme que toi Tiphaine!

44419 -
modifier supprimer 44431 - Réponse de Tiphaine218 , 13 ans (France) - 2021-11-07

Hi Jay! I'm sorry, I don't find your mail, can you message me first? I'm sorry ^^ Je serais heureuse de t'aider à parler français!

44419 -
modifier supprimer 44430 - Réponse de J36 , 10 ans (India) - 2021-11-07

Salut, Je m'appelle Jay. J'apprends le français. J'aime voyager beaucoup aussi. J'ai besoin d'un email pal. Ecrivez moi :)
à bientôt.

modifier supprimer 44372 - de Sithlini157 , 12 ans (Sri lanka) - 2021-09-30
Voyages - "Hi everyone"

hi everyone,
I am Sithlini from Sri Lanka.
I like to travel to S.korea because the country has a big industry for music.
Thank you,

modifier supprimer 44327 - de Qiaoman21 , 14 ans (China) - 2021-08-27
Voyages - "Looking for friends"

Hi I am a student from Guanghzhou.I have been to a few country. Such as Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and so on.I really love Russia.The views and buildings there are lovely.Boys are handsome. Girls are pretty. People are friendly there.I hope I can visit more European countries after the ending of the virus (it will be a long time). I wish to know and make friends with more young people from over the world

44327 -
modifier supprimer 44381 - Réponse de Yang126 , 13 ans (China) - 2021-10-06

I am from Gungzhou,too!Now I am a junior high school student.

44327 -
modifier supprimer 44352 - Réponse de Amiya 26 , 14 ans (United States) - 2021-09-16

Hi, My name is Amiya and I'm from America I never been to Russia before but ill take you're world from it

44327 -
modifier supprimer 44329 - Réponse de You Chung136 , 22 ans (Taiwan) - 2021-08-27

Hi ~I¡¦m Masami from Taiwan.I¡¦m now nearly age23.My gosh,being old really make people nervous.I use to survive stray cats.There are three cats,rabbit and hamster at my home.I love to walk into nature and take photos of it.I¡¦m now a reporter and a model.Nice to meet you,and wish you have a nice day ❤

modifier supprimer 44278 - de Shuhua242 , 14 ans (China) - 2021-08-07
Voyages - "make friends"

Hello, I'm from China󾓭 I want to make more friends, my English is terrible, I'm trying to improve my spoken English and expression , and I want to learn German after graduating from middle school. If you want to know about Chinese culture, geography, history, language and so on, you can leave me a message.And this is my mailbox:726610314@qq.com

44278 -
modifier supprimer 44320 - Réponse de Andy181 , 10 ans (Vietnam) - 2021-08-19

Hello, I am looking for some penpal, too. I from Vietnam. I just looking for some penpal to improve my English skills and my English name is Andy (you don't know that I am a girl, but my name is look like a boy :D ).

modifier supprimer 44227 - de Sethuli2 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka ) - 2021-07-08
Voyages - "US and UK"

My favourite countries are, USA and England. I wanna improve my English. There're 50 states in the US. My aim is to fly off to those countries.

44227 -
modifier supprimer 44273 - Réponse de Sindhumi157 , 15 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-08-04

Yeah, that's great. Hope you would accomplish it!

modifier supprimer 44170 - de Shehari231 , 17 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-05-25
Voyages - "My favorite country"

Hi guys, my country is Sri Lanka. I love and respect my country. My country has a world heritage. I like to travel Japan. That is my dream. Japan culture is very interesting. I respect it🙏.

44170 -
modifier supprimer 44374 - Réponse de sithlini157 , 12 ans (sri lanka) - 2021-09-30

I like too Japanese culture.

44170 -
modifier supprimer 44269 - Réponse de Sindhumi157 , 15 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-08-02

Yeah, I love too love Japanese culture. It is an interesting culture to explore and learn about.

44170 -
modifier supprimer 44190 - Réponse de Andrea239 , 21 ans (Perú) - 2021-06-11

Hello, I agree with you, Japan's culture is very interesting and its history is beautiful, I don't know much about it but from what little I know it seems amazing.

44170 -
modifier supprimer 44172 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-26

That is good

modifier supprimer 44108 - de Rahul62 , 28 ans (India) - 2021-05-03
Voyages - "Looking for Friendship"

Hello, Namaste :)
My name is Rahul and i am from incredible country India. As we all are here searching or meet someone with whom we could share our thoughts and exchange culture and could get the chance get to know them deeply. So I am one of them, I am really eager to make good friends.
When I'm not at work I love to travel and enjoy good time with my family and friends.but i think why not a real connection of humanity from Seven seas across.I really love the idea of talking to people,
I just love spending time out in the nature And always had a dream of exploring places on my own. I am very much passionate for Meditation and Yoga and Spirituality and love cooking Indian delicious Vegetarian Food,love to do poetry and singing.
I also love to learn languages,I speak Hindi, English and Spanish and little Portuguese.i will learn German now.

In the end I would say:-
Life is not small.People start late by living.Until the relationship is understood.Till then time get start to return.

44108 -
modifier supprimer 44147 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

Hello friend

modifier supprimer 44096 - de Yurim167 , 12 ans (S. Korea) - 2021-04-25
Voyages - "Translation app"

Hi, Yurim and I've got a question to all of you.
Let's be honest. We're here to chat with friends from foreign countries and sometimes we search for sentences or words that we don't know. Which translation engine do you prefer using?
(By the way, mine is Naver Papago)

44096 -
modifier supprimer 45025 - Réponse de Nicole225 , 13 ans (Jamaica ) - 2023-01-28


44096 -
modifier supprimer 44169 - Réponse de Oleksandra133 (Ukraine) - 2021-05-23

When I need to understand the precise meaning and the manner of usage of a word, I use Reverso Context.

44096 -
modifier supprimer 44123 - Réponse de Yurim167 , 12 ans (S. Korea) - 2021-05-12

Oh, cool! :)

44096 -
modifier supprimer 44117 - Réponse de Sean248 (China) - 2021-05-11

I found DeepL great in addition to MS's and Google's service.

modifier supprimer 44093 - de LUZ67 (Perú) - 2021-04-24
Voyages - "We can practice english."

Hola a todos soy de Perú soy estudiante de ingeniería e ingles quiero practicar mi ingles si estas interesado podemos practicar, intercambiar temas culturales, música, compartir conocimientos, etc.
Hello, My name is Luz. I am from Perú. I study engineering and english. If you interesting, we can practice english, talk about music, exchange knowledge. etc.

44093 -
modifier supprimer 44265 - Réponse de Fakelove 198 , 15 ans (India ) - 2021-08-02

I am interested to be your friend

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