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modifier supprimer 44227 - de Sethuli2 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka ) - 2021-07-08
Voyages - "US and UK"

My favourite countries are, USA and England. I wanna improve my English. There're 50 states in the US. My aim is to fly off to those countries.

modifier supprimer 44170 - de Shehari231 , 17 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-05-25
Voyages - "My favorite country"

Hi guys, my country is Sri Lanka. I love and respect my country. My country has a world heritage. I like to travel Japan. That is my dream. Japan culture is very interesting. I respect it🙏.

44170 -
modifier supprimer 44190 - Réponse de Andrea239 , 21 ans (Perú) - 2021-06-11

Hello, I agree with you, Japan's culture is very interesting and its history is beautiful, I don't know much about it but from what little I know it seems amazing.

44170 -
modifier supprimer 44172 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-26

That is good

modifier supprimer 44108 - de Rahul62 , 28 ans (India) - 2021-05-03
Voyages - "Looking for Friendship"

Hello, Namaste :)
My name is Rahul and i am from incredible country India. As we all are here searching or meet someone with whom we could share our thoughts and exchange culture and could get the chance get to know them deeply. So I am one of them, I am really eager to make good friends.
When I'm not at work I love to travel and enjoy good time with my family and friends.but i think why not a real connection of humanity from Seven seas across.I really love the idea of talking to people,
I just love spending time out in the nature And always had a dream of exploring places on my own. I am very much passionate for Meditation and Yoga and Spirituality and love cooking Indian delicious Vegetarian Food,love to do poetry and singing.
I also love to learn languages,I speak Hindi, English and Spanish and little Portuguese.i will learn German now.

In the end I would say:-
Life is not small.People start late by living.Until the relationship is understood.Till then time get start to return.

44108 -
modifier supprimer 44147 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

Hello friend

modifier supprimer 44096 - de Yurim167 , 12 ans (S. Korea) - 2021-04-25
Voyages - "Translation app"

Hi, Yurim and I've got a question to all of you.
Let's be honest. We're here to chat with friends from foreign countries and sometimes we search for sentences or words that we don't know. Which translation engine do you prefer using?
(By the way, mine is Naver Papago)

44096 -
modifier supprimer 44169 - Réponse de Oleksandra133 (Ukraine) - 2021-05-23

When I need to understand the precise meaning and the manner of usage of a word, I use Reverso Context.

44096 -
modifier supprimer 44123 - Réponse de Yurim167 , 12 ans (S. Korea) - 2021-05-12

Oh, cool! :)

44096 -
modifier supprimer 44117 - Réponse de Sean248 (China) - 2021-05-11

I found DeepL great in addition to MS's and Google's service.

modifier supprimer 44093 - de LUZ67 (Perú) - 2021-04-24
Voyages - "We can practice english."

Hola a todos soy de Perú soy estudiante de ingeniería e ingles quiero practicar mi ingles si estas interesado podemos practicar, intercambiar temas culturales, música, compartir conocimientos, etc.
Hello, My name is Luz. I am from Perú. I study engineering and english. If you interesting, we can practice english, talk about music, exchange knowledge. etc.

44093 -
modifier supprimer 44148 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

I'm interested, add me

modifier supprimer 44092 - de Ishta234 , 18 ans (India) - 2021-04-23
Voyages - "Learning German n making new friends"

Ummm...hello everyone. I am from India and I am learning German and I would like to visit it sometime. Also, I would like to make new friends n talk... so feel free to text :)

44092 -
modifier supprimer 44212 - Réponse de Antim201 (India) - 2021-06-24

Hello, I am also learning German and going to Germany soon. Where do you live in India?

44092 -
modifier supprimer 44149 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

I'm interested, where're live?

modifier supprimer 44081 - de Mountaga118 , 37 ans (Mali) - 2021-04-19
Voyages - "viens découvrir le Mali avec ces Festivités culturel"

je me nomme Mr Traore je suis dans le tourisme et j'ai les bras ouvert à vous accueil dans mon beau pays le Mali en Afrique de l'ouest

44081 -
modifier supprimer 44161 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (RDC) - 2021-05-21


44081 -
modifier supprimer 44153 - Réponse de Mountaga118 , 37 ans (Mali) - 2021-05-21

bonjour Julien , tu serais le bien venu

44081 -
modifier supprimer 44150 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (RDC) - 2021-05-21

J'aimerais un jour visiter l'afrique de l'ouest surtout les pays francophone, je trouve ça génial

modifier supprimer 44078 - de Cindy205 , 18 ans (France) - 2021-04-17
Voyages - "Looking for friends"

Hi everyone !
My name is Cindy, I'm currently a French student, and next week I will going to Netherlands for an internship in a company, for about 2 months.
If there some people who leave there, or who know best places to visit, please tell me ! I want to do road trip to discovers this beautiful country ! Feel free to send me a message :)

44078 -
modifier supprimer 44151 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

I'm interested, i need visit your country and i speak also french

modifier supprimer 44045 - de Andrea239 , 21 ans (Peru) - 2021-03-25
Voyages - ""Viajes""

Hello, I am Andrea and I live in Peru.
I am a student of technical nursing and my English is very basic.
I would like to meet people from other countries to know more about their culture, I love travelling I don't do it a lot but I still like it.
Hola soy Andrea y vivió en Perú.
Soy estudiante de enfermería técnica y mi ingles es muy básico.
Me gustaría conocer a personas de otros países para saber mas de su cultura, amo viajar no lo hago mucho pero aun así me gusta.

44045 -
modifier supprimer 44152 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

Hello, I Like visit the countries south america

modifier supprimer 43902 - de Owen234 , 10 ans (United States) - 2021-02-17
Voyages - "Traveling"

Hello! My name is Owen, and I am 10. I have been to 22 countries. They are all great. I would like someone to talk to age (8-13) about traveling and geography. Most times, people don't talk to me about that stuff. I hope to hear from you soon!

43902 -
modifier supprimer 43968 - Réponse de Owen202 (United States) - 2021-03-11

Thank you for writing me back! What is your favorite country? Mine is Australia.

43902 -
modifier supprimer 43967 - Réponse de Thihansa157 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-03-10

I would love to hear about it!

modifier supprimer 43764 - de Ava58 , 15 ans (USA) - 2021-01-06
Voyages - "Countries!"

What is your favorite place that you have visited in the world? (and why?)
What is a place you most want to visit in the future? (and why?)

43764 -
modifier supprimer 44242 - Réponse de Laurent206 , 64 ans (France) - 2021-07-18

I am a french man and I would like to visit the united states for a stay (one month). I am a pilot of light aircraft and glider (sailplane). But with the covid 19 today is impossible because the lockdown. To fly with a light aircraft in America should be very interesting. I am a french pilot with an experience over the moutains like the french Alps and the pyrenees. The landscapes are so beautiful in the national parks in the united states and people with a different mindset.
Best regards

43764 -
modifier supprimer 44154 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

My favorite countries is Usa, Canada and French because i will leaning and writing languages the business in the world

43764 -
modifier supprimer 43939 - Réponse de Angelina185 , 15 ans (usa ) - 2021-02-27

i havent visited any place but i do wish to go to korea

43764 -
modifier supprimer 43901 - Réponse de Gianluca78 , 11 ans (Ireland) - 2021-02-16

Mine is Gran Canaria. It is a Spanish territory off the coast of Africa and it is amazing! They have a beautiful scenic island with lots of tourist towns and the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There are so many things to do, to do them all would take a 2 or 3 week holiday! But I got a fair amount done in one week.

43764 -
modifier supprimer 43884 - Réponse de cc228 (China) - 2021-02-07

I like Qingdao most. actually I have been to some places that I like very much. but when I look back and think about my feelings , Qingdao is the one. it has the best climate ,warm people and beautiful view. but I don't think I would go there again, however , i wish I would go to Russia again because of the people that I met .

43764 -
modifier supprimer 43868 - Réponse de Pierre196 , 19 ans (Bénin) - 2021-02-02

I'm living at a new planets of world.. the 8th planets ..
Because im living it's.

43764 -
modifier supprimer 43794 - Réponse de hafsa 125 , 15 ans (France) - 2021-01-12

the place that I find beautiful but that I have never been to is America because there is a lot of fantastic things that there is not in France

modifier supprimer 43728 - de Pirani134 (united kingdom) - 2020-12-26
Voyages - "WHICH IS YOURS???"



43728 -
modifier supprimer 44155 - Réponse de Julien145 (DRC) - 2021-05-21

Mine is Usa, Canada, France

43728 -
modifier supprimer 44094 - Réponse de Yurim167 , 12 ans (S. Korea) - 2021-04-25

Mine is Norway, I wish I could visit there and watch Aurore.

43728 -
modifier supprimer 44028 - Réponse de Anne135 , 15 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-03-19

My favorite country is South Korea. It is my dream country. I love South Korea.

43728 -
modifier supprimer 44004 - Réponse de anne135 , 15 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-03-17

I like most country is South Korea. I love South Korea.

43728 -
modifier supprimer 43872 - Réponse de Yara112 , 14 ans (Ukraine) - 2021-02-03

My favorite is Japan, Korea, China, Sri Lanka, South America and Scotland

43728 -
modifier supprimer 43849 - Réponse de jadah178 , 10 ans (usa) - 2021-01-29

wanna be my penpal

43728 -
modifier supprimer 43790 - Réponse de Suzanne28 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-01-11

Mine is Turkey!

43728 -
modifier supprimer 43758 - Réponse de Sanujana157 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-01-04

My favorite one is South Korea.

43728 -
modifier supprimer 43731 - Réponse de Joyce 16 , 18 ans (China ) - 2020-12-27

Hi friend,I¡¯m living in China ,in the south China.and I want to make friend with you.we can communicate about our culture and some interesting things in our life.This is my Ins:hsdrliu ,search it and you can see me,waiting for your reply.XD

modifier supprimer 43727 - de Liu 16 , 18 ans (China ) - 2020-12-26
Voyages - "Want to make friends"

Hi friends,im from China,I am living in southchina now,and i want to learn more about other countries’ culture,if you want,it’s my pleasure that you could add my Ins,search:LiuQiJun please,I will online and wait you.and we can communicate some interesting things XD

43727 -
modifier supprimer 43979 - Réponse de Elijah173 , 16 ans (Las Vegas) - 2021-03-11

Hi,i'm Elijah i was wonder if you know anything about Nevada,which is where i'm from,if not i could tell you all i know about it. I'm looking fro friends all around the world,and you seem like a nice person.

43727 -
modifier supprimer 43940 - Réponse de Angelina185 , 15 ans (usa ) - 2021-02-27

"Want to be friends"

43727 -
modifier supprimer 43855 - Réponse de Julia33 (Germany) - 2021-01-30

Hi! i´m from germany and also really interested in the cultur of other countries!! maybe we could talk a bit :)

modifier supprimer 43715 - de amalnee135 , 12 ans (sri lanka ) - 2020-12-22
Voyages - "welcome to pearl of the Indian Ocean"

hi, guys, my country is sri lanka. it called as pearl of the indian ocean. it is very nice island.there are green fields, rivers , waterfalls, mountains , ect. i love my country as my life,

43715 -
modifier supprimer 44156 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

I'm interested of your country

modifier supprimer 43684 - de Mary44 , 13 ans (USA) - 2020-12-18
Voyages - "Where in the World?"

English: I was wondering... What is your favorite place to visit?
Mine is Mount Rainier in Washington state.

French: Je me demandais ... Quel est votre endroit préféré à visiter?
Le mien est Mount Rainier dans l'État de Washington.

Italian: Mi chiedevo ... Qual è il tuo posto preferito da visitare?
Il mio è il Monte Rainier nello stato di Washington.

Spanish: Me preguntaba ... ¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito para visitar?
El mío es Mount Rainier en el estado de Washington.

German: Ich habe mich gefragt ... Was ist dein Lieblingsort?
Meins ist Mount Rainier im Bundesstaat Washington.

43684 -
modifier supprimer 44251 - Réponse de Amelie 51 , 13 ans (France ) - 2021-07-24 >> NEW

Hello im french my english is very bad . I loved travel and went in america. I loved have a correspondant comme to dont no say comme en anglais

43684 -
modifier supprimer 44135 - Réponse de Julien145 (Rdc) - 2021-05-19

Moi, Paris(France), (New york)usa et Québec(Canada)

modifier supprimer 43663 - de Abbey50 , 13 ans (Canada ) - 2020-12-14
Voyages - "Hi!"

I love to travel and have been to some great places! I would love to talk to anyone ages 12-16! Hope to hear from you! :)

43663 -
modifier supprimer 43917 - Réponse de Abbey50 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2021-02-22

Hi Angel! Of course we can talk!

43663 -
modifier supprimer 43903 - Réponse de 0112759131145 , 12 ans (Kenya) - 2021-02-17

hi there? will you be my penpal? please reply and by the way my name is Angel from Kenya.

43663 -
modifier supprimer 43870 - Réponse de Abbey70 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2021-02-02

Hi Julia! Sure, I'd love to talk!

43663 -
modifier supprimer 43856 - Réponse de Julia33 (Germany) - 2021-01-30

eyoo!! I´m 14 years old and i love to travel !!! lets talk a bit ! :)

modifier supprimer 43571 - de Andrea230 , 20 ans (Peru) - 2020-12-02
Voyages - ""Viajes""

Hello my name is Andrea and I am Peruvian, I am on this page because I want to learn more about other countries and try to improve my English, which I am just learning.

modifier supprimer 43552 - de Yun119 , 12 ans (Korea) - 2020-11-29
Voyages - "My last trip"

My last trip was in Jejudo. It is one of Korea's island. It was really great! Im Korean and if you want to know about Korea or make a friend, i think i can help you! :)

43552 -
modifier supprimer 43662 - Réponse de Abbey50 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2020-12-14

Hello! Would you like to be friends?

43552 -
modifier supprimer 43597 - Réponse de Yun119 , 12 ans (Korea) - 2020-12-06

Of course!!

43552 -
modifier supprimer 43595 - Réponse de Alex_254 , 10 ans (Bulgaria) - 2020-12-05

Hi! Wanna be friends?

modifier supprimer 43472 - de Frida104 , 20 ans (China) - 2020-11-17
Voyages - "Welcome to China."

Hi,I come from China.I'm in northeast China now.If you want to understand the culture here,I can tell you.As you can see,my English is not very good.If you want to learn Chinese,we can learn form each other.I also know a little Korean.I would like to welcome English and Korean friends to communicate with me.

43472 -
modifier supprimer 43653 - Réponse de Andrew213 , 13 ans (America) - 2020-12-12

Ni Hao! I am chinese but I was born in America and it is my main language. I have lived in china for about 2 years then went back and I am still in America now. If you would like, we can talk about anything. :D Zai Jian

modifier supprimer 43436 - de Patricia5 , 24 ans (Peru) - 2020-11-09
Voyages - "Travelling soon"

Hi there! This is Patricia. I'm really into travelling but due to covid I've postponed my plans and I'm just having a wind-down time here in Peru, my country. The following year I'm moving to London as I'm starting my master in fashion. I've always been fascinated by this city and its fashion culture. I'd like to get to know anyone who's living as a student there or maybe an expat. I'm keen on listening to Britpop music especially from the '90s, movies and dancing. I'd really appreciate any suggestions for students acommodation.

modifier supprimer 43434 - de Kato224 , 23 ans (Uganda) - 2020-11-08
Voyages - "Travel and know the world"

Hello am very passionate about traveling.. in like to know many cultures and people.. I respect ever one.. regardless of what they're.... you can hit my inbox and tell me about the exciting things in your country..I may come there And visit.. those who want to visit my country we can be friends... maybe you could be my travel partner.

modifier supprimer 43431 - de Lucero239 , 23 ans (Perú) - 2020-11-05
Voyages - "Looking for friendships around the world"

Hi, my name is Lucero I'm from Peru
I am new to this site, I would like to get to know cultures and improve my English language skills and learn many more.
If you want to know about Peru don't hesitate to write me.

43431 -
modifier supprimer 43915 - Réponse de jordan138 , 15 ans (usa) - 2021-02-22

HI! wanna be friends

modifier supprimer 43418 - de karan chaudhar167 , 19 ans (india) - 2020-10-30
Voyages - "#welcome to Indian"

Hello travellers! I'm Karan chahar. I'm looking for you. I respect to all of you plesase visit my beautiful country. you will be looking many kinds of exatraordinary Arts.

43418 -
modifier supprimer 44157 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-21

I'm interested

modifier supprimer 43417 - de Aisha149 (Philippines) - 2020-10-29
Voyages - "Cultures and Languages"

I want to learn the culture of other countries, and their languages, too. This is what I want to do before I travel around. Do you have any tips?

43417 -
modifier supprimer 43538 - Réponse de Tricia176 , 13 ans (Philippines) - 2020-11-28

You can do research if you want to travel so that you can know what's on that place

modifier supprimer 43396 - de Oneli134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-10-18
Voyages - "travels"

I simply love travelling. I mostly like safari's & camping because it's outdoors. Because of covid 19 we had a small camping night at home and it was great.

43396 -
modifier supprimer 43478 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 13 ans (USA) - 2020-11-18

I love camping! I haven't really done it lately though because most of my family hates it and coronavirus.

43396 -
modifier supprimer 43399 - Réponse de Olivia215 , 11 ans (USA) - 2020-10-18

Hello! My name is Olivia :) Would you like to talk?

modifier supprimer 43388 - de Mellody Ximena237 , 18 ans (Peru) - 2020-10-14
Voyages - "Travel"

hi i'm mellody! I have never left Peru and I would love to visit another country before March 2021 because I will start university, I have always dreamed of going to England and knowing its culture or typical dishes and you? What country would you like to travel to?
Did you know that Peru is the king of food? Cause, Cebiche; grilled chicken, Pisco, Lomo saltado and more ... I love my Country.

43388 -
modifier supprimer 43391 - Réponse de Liu78 , 20 ans (China) - 2020-10-16

China is also a very attractive country. If you have the opportunity to come, I can be your tour guide for free. Welcome to China.

modifier supprimer 43342 - de stephane195 , 47 ans (France) - 2020-09-22
Voyages - "TRAVELS"

JE SUIS FRANCAIS ET J AIME BEAUCOUP VOYAGER,j aime apprendre les cultures ,l histoire de chaque pays
j ai déja visité pleins de fois allemagne,jersey,espagne,andorre,et aussi une fois guernsey;belgique,luxembourg,pologne et aussi la polynesie
pour cette derniere estination j ai beaucoup aimer ,la culturepolynesienne,les personnes sur place au fenua son tres accueilant
j aimerai beaucoup apprendre davantage sur le fenua,et j espere un jour y retourné en vacance
si vous pouvez m aider sur les bons plans sur place merci
sinon j aimerai correspondre avec des amis partout en oceanie pour apprendre leurs cultures et recevoir leurs lettres car j aime ecrire
aussi je voudrais bien infos sur le groenland et adresse d amis sur place pour correspondre merci
pour finir je collectionne les cartes de telephone de tous pays ,merci d avance de m aider
a bientot,bon voyage et a bientot pour vos lettre

43342 -
modifier supprimer 43345 - Réponse de Louie4 , 11 ans (Indonesia) - 2020-09-23

L'Indonésie est un pays très riche, magnifique, historique et prospère. L'Indonésie a beaucoup de très beaux endroits.

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