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Power Ranger Jungle Fury - Power Ranger Jungle Fury

Centuries ago, a evil spirit called Dai Shi freely roamed the Earth wipe Humankind. There a group of Kung Fu Master from the Pai Zhua (pie-shooa) with the spirits of of animals defeated Dai Shi and locked him away in a box. For generations, it was the duty of three Pai Zhua members to not let the spirit free.

Now, in present day, Master Mao trained the 3 warriors for this generation. After years or training, the chose the 3 Warriors. Then Jarrod, a student of Master Mao let Dai Shi's spirit free for the box. Dai Shi killed master Mao and left the 3 Warriors Masterless. Before Master Mao died, he told the 3 warriors to go to Ocean Bluff, California and there they'll find their new Master. When they arrived at Ocean Bluff, the came to a Jungle Karma Pizza (JKP) and there they met their new Master Robert James more popularly known as R.J. R.J gave the warriors their Solar Morphers which transformed them into POWER RANGERS.

The there rangers were Casey Rhodes, Theo Martin and Lily Chilman with the animal spirits of a Tiger, Jaguar and Cheetah!

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Power Ranger Jungle Fury - Power Ranger Jungle Fury (Cinema, TV)    -    Author : Ash - India

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