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Jane Goodall

Jane Good all was born in London, England in 1934. Her parents divorced when she was twelve. She moved to live with her mother. She was interested in the animal life since early life. She lived in Africa for many years, studying the monkeys and making friends with them. She even has two monkeys named David Grey-bread, and G.G. She started the Jane Goodall Intstitute, which helps monkeys, and also studies them.

Jane has also found out that monkeys make tools, something before that man only thought that man did. She has won many awards for her work, and written two books. Those books are " In the Shadow of man", and "Wild Chimpanzees".

She has even been awarded a plaque on the tree of life. One of here qoats is: "It's very hard to look back with hindsight and say oh well I would have done it differently. If I had gone to Gombe and had access to information about the effect of feeding bananas on wild chimpanzees I wouldn’t have done it". (J. Goodall)

Jane Goodall is a very cool person.


The Disney Moves Pocahontas has been a great hit for many of the young girls and boys in our time. But where did this story come from? To find out the answer, we must look back to around the year 1595.

Matoaka was an Indian Princess, daughter of Chief Powhatan and one of his many wifes. Growing up in the Tidewater region of Virginia, She was given the nickname Pocahontas. This means Little wanton, playful girl. She would have seen the first white men around 1607.

Captain John Smith was taken to her. She also liked him. When John Smith was captured by Indians, he was unknowingly taking part in a ritual. He was forced to strech out on two stones, while Indians stood around him. Chief Powhatan walked up to John Smith. Raising an axe, he made to kill him.

All of an sudden, Pocahontas ran up and saved him from what John called certain death. Taking his head in her lap, she lay across his body. This strated a friendship the would fall apart soon.

In a gunpowder explosion, John if sent back to england for trement. The English tell Pocahontas that John has died. Pocahontas morns him greatly. Many years after this sad time for Pocahontas, She is kidnapped by another captain. He planned to hold her for rason.

She was taken to an English setalmint where she lived for 1 year. During this time, she met a men named John Rofle.

The English in this time, had been told by the Indains that they would pay food and land to get Pocahontas back. The english men than came to get the radson. Amdoshed by Indain warriors, Pococahontas was taken back by the indains. She told her father that she had been well treated and wanted to marry John. Her father gave his permisson. The English went away with a ask for marriage with John.

They do marry and have 1 son. Later, they go to England and stay there for 6 months. On the way back, Pocahontas gats ill. She dies a few days after they get back. She was layed to rest in a cematary just north of JamesTown.

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