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High School Musical is an amazing movie (or movies) that first came out in 2006. Nobody expected it attract so many viewers and be one of the greatest movies of all time.

2006- High School Musical
The first one, where it all started. This movie is all about being true to yourself, being the person you should want to be, not what everyone expects you to be. Troy Bolton is a guy who is really into basketball in fact captain of East High's team and thinks he shouldn't be doing anything else but basketball but all that changes when he meets super brainy Gabriella Montez at a New Years Eve party. They both surprise themself by finding an undiscovered talent they never knew they had...singing.
At East High School Chad is the guy who talks and lives basketball, Sharpay is the girl who is the Queen of Performing, Taylor is the girl who's super intelligent at scince and math, Ryan is the guy who can dance to any beat and Troy is known as the basketball guy.
East High is having a Winter Musical and the star roles should go to Sharpay and Ryan instantly but as Gabriella transfers to EH her and Troy somehow find themselves getting a call back.
With this happening, EH is going out of control! People are breaking away from their cliques wanting to do new stuff and certain people aren't happy about it. Chad needs Troy to stay focus for the Champioship while Taylor needs Gabriella to concentrate on the Schoolastic Decatholon. On the other hand Sharpay has to have the starring role and people breaking from their cliques is just wrong to her.
This journey shows how Troy and Gabriella changed EH and with the help of their friends they did it.

2007- High School Musical 2
OK the 2nd movie is about the Wildcat's summer! But importantly for Troy, his future. He wants a summer job so it'll look good on his college application so he and the Wildcats manage to get a job at Lava Spring's Country Club owned by Mr and Mrs Evans otherwise known as Sharpay and Ryans's parents. The Wildcats including Troy and Chad get kitchen duty while Zaeke get's to be the assistant chef, Gabriella is the new life guard, Taylor is Activities Organiser, and Kelsi is the new pianist. HoweverSharpayonly wanted Troy to get a job, not the rest of the Wildcats as she wanted Troy to sing with her in the Midsummer Night Talent Show but now the Wildcats are there she's scared they're going to 'upstage' her. But this is her parent's club so she can do anything and if that means pulling Troy away from the Wildcats then she'll do it.
Troy is becoming a new person, blowing off his friends and missing dates, it's not good. Troy being obsessed with his future is making him chane. He's loosing all his friends and Gabriella. In the end he know's what he's gotta do to make things right and soon enough everything is right again as he apologises to his friend and goes back to his kitchen duty. Him and Gabriella reunite too and eveyone is together again.

2008- High School Musical 3: Senior Year
The last of the phenomenal HSM movies. HSM3: Senior Year. The title says it all. It's the Wildcat's last year together. There's the baketball championsip and this one really means alot as this is the last time they'll be wearing their uniforms. There's prom, people are worrying about what to wear and who they're dates are. There's the Spring Musical, the last musical that they'll ever get to be in together and of course, graduation. The day when the Widcats will be in they're cap and gowns ready to go their seperate ways.
They're all going to different places and have to make decisions. Sharpay is fighting to get her place in top performing school Juliard, Gabriella's been accepted early to Stanford University- 1053 miles away from EH meaning she's going to miss prom and graduation. And Troy, he's got a desicion to make. U of A with Chad who's been like his brother since preschool? Or Julird where he can perform as he has a talent in it?
This last movie is honestly really is emotional. They're getting split up. They're not going to school anymore, they're going on to their own things. It's so sad seeing them say goodbye but we all know they're still Wildcats at heart.

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