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Welcom to the Doctor Who Blog

This is the Doctor and Martha
hi im Imogen you might know me from Imogen's blog
now im creating a Doctor Who blog
i hope you enjoy it
Doctor Who is a British science fiction tv programme made by the BBC. The programms shows the adventures of a mysterious Time Lord known as the Doctor who travels through time and space in his time machine, the TARDIS , which normally appears to be a blue 1950s British police box. With his companions, he explores time and space, faces a variety of foe and saves civilizations, helping people make their world right again

This is amy pond from the recent Doctor who series

On the last Doctor who series the doctors tardis spins out of control and he lands at a girls house,this strange girl is called Amelia, the Doctor says he will come back in 5 minutes but he comes back when she is an adult.The Doctor and now called Amy start time traveling but what Amy and her boyfreind Rory find out that
time traveling is not a piece of cake


The 11th Doctor

River Song

The Doctor and Rose tyler

The Doctor and Donna

If you like doctor who try looking at the sarah jane adventures

This is sarah jane smith friend or the 3rd & 4th doctor but she has been seen in lots of episodes

the Doctor & Amy Pond

the doctor and Martha Jones

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