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Mermaids - H20:just add water
H20:just add water

UPDATE! April 28, 2016
So up until a little while ago I had forgotten the password to this blog... Its been about 4 years but better late than never... Now that I am back to updating, If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them! And if not then Thank You for visting my blog :)... (I was 12 when I wrote most of this soo sorry about the spelling mistakes.)

Welcome to
"Mermaids" hope u enjoy my blog please leave comments!!!! thanks :)
welcome every one to a blog about mermaids!
i love mermaids i have always wanted to be one!
but this blog might be as close as i will get to being a mermaid. :/ or is it?

This is cleo

This is Rikki

This is emma
This is bella



Indiana Rose Evans
Birthdate: July 27,1990

Cariba Heine

she enters the cave to mako island :O

Claire Holt
Birthdate: June 11,1988

Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin
Birthdate:July 12,1989

the tails look so real :O

this pic is so pretty

Brittany Byrnes
Birthdate: July 31, 1987

take 1 and action

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