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Isabella Swan or commonly known as Bella Swan decides to move from sunny Phenix, Arizona to rainy and dreary Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie Swan. Not having many friends before, she quicky excepts the move, since her mother and her new husband, Phil Dwyer, needs to travel for his career.

She soon figures out that Forks is boring and monotonous. There is an exception to that though and his name is Edward Cullen, who is a mysterious boy that sits by her in her biology class. From the first look Edward flashes her a look of hate, and his attempts to be moved from Bella's classes were not successful. She finds herself unable to stop thinking about him. Bella understands that Edward was not normal but the theories she was bringing herself to believe, that there is a supernatural explanation for edwards behavior, was not what she thought he was.

At first she thinks that Edward hates her, but it does begin to change. He shows his superhuman abilities from savint Bella when she was almost hti with an out of control van that was about to crush her in the school parking lot.

Bella then takes a trip to La Push, a beach on the reservation, and she hears from her friend Jacob Black that Edward and his family are reformed Vampires that substitute animal blood for human blood for their diet. Because of the way the Cullen's diet is they do not have the red eyes like normal Vampires, instead they have what Bella calls topaz eyes that slowly change to black while they become hungry. They darker their eyes the longer they have been without hunting.

The members of the Cullen's are Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice. Carlisle is the oldest and the creator of the Cullen family. He has been so immune to the blood that he gets to do the job he loves which is being a doctor to humans. His wife Esme has a sweet and caring disposition and she is the mother of the entire family. She told Bella one that she has lost a child and that Edward's Happiness means a great deal to her, she loves him just as much as she would love her own son. Rosalie and Emmett are married, even though she was originally intended to be Edward's. Emmett is very large and muscular with a bearlike coutenance. Alice and Jasper are also married and Alice is clairvoyant and ends up befriending Bella. Her Clairvoyance often comes in the form of visions, but she also has a problem that none of the other Cullen's do and thats that she doesnt know the life before she was transformed.Jasper is her mate and has the most trouble adhering to the Cullen's diet, since he is the newest member of the family. He has the ability to manipulate the emotions of those around him by emanating a calming influence. Edward's gift is that he can hear what anyone around him is thinking, with the single exception of Bella herself. We later find out that Bella is also immune to every other psychological "gifts".

Despite the obstacles presented by the Cullen's vampiric nature, Edward and Bella fall in love. Their foremost problem is Bella's alluring scent, which makes it difficult for Edward to restrain himself from drinking her blood. However, despite this, and Bella's strange knack for constantly landing herself in dangerous situations, they manage to stay together, safely, for a time. Bella's lack of fear regarding Edward's nature as a vampire, her constant longing for him, and the fact that she is impervious to his gift for reading minds throws Edward off balance. He returns her love but is always confused as to why Bella feels the way she does about him and his family. He advises that she stay away from him for her own safety, all the while denying his desire to keep her close at hand.

The seemingly blissful state of affairs is thrown into chaos when another vampire coven sweeps into Forks, and their leader, James, sets his sights on Bella. Thrilled as much by the idea of outwitting a clan of vampires as by Bella's scent, an interstate game of cat and mouse ensues. Bella, under the assumption that James has kidnapped her mother, is lured to her former ballet studio. At the studio, James tells Bella about Alice, his former prey. However, James' attention centers back on Bella, and attacks her. Edward rescues Bella before she is almost killed by James, along with the Cullen clan, save for Esme. In the chaos, Bella is nicked by James, which complicates matters further, due to the venom in the saliva when a vampire intends to bite. The venom works its way through the body, ceasing blood flow and shutting down the heart. This process of changing into a vampire is incredibly painful, as described by Carlisle. Edward takes up the task of sucking the venom out of Bella, thus saving her from the transformation, while also restraining his urge to drain or turn her. Bella then blacks out and wakes up in a hospital bed. She finds out that she has a broken leg, several broken ribs, among other injuries. There, she talks to Edward about the fight with James, including why Edward sucked the venom back, preventing her from becoming a vampire.

The book ends with the two going to Bella's prom. Beneath the surface, tension remains as Bella wishes for Edward to turn her into a vampire so the two can spend eternity together, while Edward refuses to do so. The reason for Edward's adamant decision not to turn Bella into a vampire is not revealed.

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