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If you were on a picnic, and you were really tired, and you needed to clean up, would you...
0   throw it on the ground. How could it matter?
0   Hide it all in the bushes. It won't matter if nobody sees!
2   Throw it all in the trash.
5   Use the recycling

it's a beautiful day outside. you have to go to school. do you...
3   ask your mother to drive you
3   take your bike
1   roller blade
0   skate board
0   scooter

you're taking a picnic lunch do the park. what do you pack?
0   styrofoam cups, sandwiches in plastic wrap.
1   styrofoam cups, and sandwiches in reusable containers.
1   cups from home, and sandwiches in plastic wrap.
2   cups from home and sandwiches in reusable containers

What is your opinion about this blog ?
3   Excellent
0   Good
2   Average
0   Bad
0   Very bad

Any remark about this blog ?
1   Very interesting
0   Really boring
3   Very nice blog
0   This blog is really ugly
0   Needs more pictures
0   Too many pictures
0   Pictures are too small
0   Pictures are too large
1   Needs more text / comments
0   Too much text
0   Too many spelling mistakes
0   Text is too complicated
0   Text is unreadable (size, color...)
0   I don't agree with the blog content

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