Environment Now!
Welcome to my blog! I am concerned about the environment. We are poluting it, and throwing stuff on the ground for no reason! I'm hoping to put a stop to it. Maybe my blog won't do any good and the Earth will all go downhill from here, but I'm trying anyway. If we don't do something NOW, nobody knows what will happen to the Earth!
I hope you enjoy my blog.

Would you rather have this...

...or this!

There are many ways you can help. Here are a few.
1. Turn out the light.
2. Try to use the windows instead of electric lights.
3. When going somewhere, ask yourself: "do I really need to leave this on?"
4. Plant a tree.
5. When going to the lake, you're garbage goes IN THE TRASH CAN, not in the lake.
There are also ways to make things worse. Here are somethings NOT to do.
1. don't litter.
2. when flower-picking, don't go too often.
3. don't litter
4. don't kill trees
6. Don't always ride the car to school. That creates greenhouse gasses. Try riding you're bike sometimes.
7. Don't litter, don't litter, don't litter, DON'T LITTER!
What is polution?
Basically, polution is contamintion of any sort. there are three types of polution:
1. air polution
2. water polution
3. land polution.

Effects of pollution
There are two types of effects of pollution: the seen and the not seen. One thing you can see is litter. Litter, (as most people already know) is when you throw garbage on the ground. one unseen thing is gasses. they can do all kinds of things , like heat up the earth (greenhouse gasses) to causeing asthma. one extreamly bad thing about pollution is that you can barley tell what area is being polluted and whitch one isn't.
I hope we can do somthimg before it's TO LATE!
Plastic bags
If there's one thing we can do to help the environment, It's to try to use as few plastic bags as possible. for a lot of people, every time we go shopping, we collect more and more plastic bags. these plastic bags are taken filled up with stuff, taken home, and at last, thrown away. Over a billion plastic bags are being thrown away each year! that takes up precious landfill space, all of which could have been avoided by using reusable, environmentally friendly cotton or material shopping bags.
what to do with old plastic bags? try to reuse them until there useless, because plastic bags can be useful to carry all kinds of things, Like books or garbage. also, they can blow in the wind and choke animals.
Cotton bags
cotton bags are a great replacement for plastic bags, because they can be used over and over again, and some are made of organic materials, so when they wear out, you can put them in the compost. They help keep plastic bags out of the trash and away from animals.
water conservation
another major thing contributing to polution is the stuff going down your drain every day. thats right, water. not the water itself, but how we're waisting it. baths. showers. tooth brushing. Hand washing, the list is endless. The only thing is, all of it is esential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Is there a solution yet? YES.
how can we reduce bath water? the answer is actually to take fewer. Now, if you hate taking baths, don't start partying yet. there IS a replacement, which brings me to my second topic...
showers. A Great way to wash up and not waist as much water as taking a bath. actually, you can use one third less water every time you take a shower! but,there is an exeption...
Power showers
they've got a built in pump, they're made to give you a different kind of shower...and they use more water then a bath.
But more on that later.
also, turn off your sink when brushing your teeth. I know you've probably heard that often enough, but you have to listen...turn it off!

A power shower

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