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How do you like CheriiRingoHeaven?
1   It's very cool =^_^= (me: aw, thanks!)
3   It's okay (me: well, thanks for being honest!)
0   I hate it =-_-= (me: darn... oh well)

Have you heard of Tokyo Mew Mew? (I'm one of them!)
2   Yea, it rocks! Super fan! (me: coolie cool )
2   Um, well my friend likes it...
1   I watch Mew Mew Power (me: don't worry, you don't know any better -_- )

How did you get to this blog?
1   Through a search engine (Google, Yahoo...)
2   Through StudentsoftheWorld.info
0   Linked here from another website (me: GO WEBSITE!!!)
1   I'm a regular visitor (me: Awesome!)
0   A friend told me about this blog (me: GO FRIEND!!! =^_^=)
0   I got to this blog by chance (me: wow you're lucky!)

Are you obsessed with Japan? (if you don't live there)
3   Yea it's sooooo awesome! (me: right on! *_* )
0   I'm not obsessed, but I like it.
0   No -_- (me: too bad)

Any remark about this blog?
1   Very interesting (Yes!)
0   Really boring (shoot...)
0   Very nice blog ( all right!)
0   This blog is really ugly (How rude!)
0   Needs more pictures (I'll get to work on it)
0   Too many pictures (But I like pictures! 'sniff' 'sniff')
0   Pictures are too small ('K)
0   Pictures are too large (come on, work with me here!)
1   Needs more text / comments (Sure ^_^)
0   Too much text (It's a story, what do you expect?)
0   Too many spelling mistakes (I'll spell check)
0   Text is too complicated (Sorry, I've always had a big vocabulary...)
0   Text is unreadable (size, color...) (I'll change it!)
0   I don't agree with the blog content (Oh my gosh, you people!)

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