November 18,2006

Konichi wa mina! Watshi Umika Cherii! Ogenki desu ka?
Hello everyone! My name is Cherii Umika! How are you?
This is my first time having a blog and I'm super excited. But this isn't going to be about me (you know, what I did for school and stuff), It's going to be my story that I'm writing. I hope you like it!

P.S. Cherii Umika isn't really a person, she's just a character I made up. Cherii means Cherry and Umika means sea-wind in Japanese. I'm going to be writing as her.

My Story

November 15, 2006

Chapter 1
“Why? Why does everyone hate me?” Cherii asked her little rabbit. “I just wanna be friends with everyone! They always think I’m too weird for them though… I just don’t get it!”
Cherii had a wonderful gift to talk to animals but since she was always hyper at school, she thought that she’d better keep quiet. The only one that she could put her trust and most secret thoughts into was her pet rabbit Chiima.
Another thing she could never show anyone, not even her parents, just Chiima, was her appearance. At school, if you’d see Cherii, you would think that she was just another ordinary student and Naiina Middle School. But behind the red hair wig, eye contacts, and school uniform, Cherii had stunningly beautiful golden green hair, brilliantly purple eyes, mouse ears and tail.
Cherii felt fed up with how kids treated her and in despair, flopped down on her bed. At times like this, the only thing that would make her feel better was her favorite spot in the forest. She got up and walked over to her closet, got out her bathing suit and put it on under her clothes. Then she gently picked up Chiima, and opened her window. Cherii hoisted herself onto her desk and hopped through the open window. When Cherii was outside she felt complete. That was why she was always hyper at school. Being cramped inside school for 6 hours was torture for a free spirit like Cherii. After a few steps, Cherii put down Chiima and headed to the woods.

(P.S. These Pics aren't of Me,(I'll post some soon,) They're just pics that I like.

November 19, 2006
Cherii giggled watching Chiima hop over the fallen logs. Soon after about 10 minutes of walking, she came to the clearing. The clearing was Cherii’s favorite place in the entire world. It was a small clearing in the middle of the woods. And Cherii’s favorite thing about the clearing was that it was right next to a brook. The brook was too small to be a river but wide and deep enough to go swimming. She took off her clothes to reveal her bathing suit, and jumped into the brook. The brook was just the right temperature and with the birds cheeping and the wind blowing through the trees, the brook was a very tranquil place.
At the sound of the splash, several woodland animals poked out their little heads to observe to source of the noise that had awakened them up from their afternoon nap.
Timidly the little animals moved forward to the spring, when they saw Chiima sitting by the edge of the bank. They had seen Cherii and Chiima here many times before so they had become used to their recent appearances. When Cherii first discovered that the tiny forest inhabitants had been watching her and her bunny, she introduced herself. And now the animals loved Cherii and Chiima and anticipated when they would come back again. The animals knew that if Chiima was here, that Cherii would be here too. They excitedly jumped into the water and swam toward Cherii. Cherii turned around to see 6 little animals swimming to her. She laughed and started to swim.
“We missed you Cherii! Where were you?” They all chimed together.
“I'm sorry guys, but I've been really stressed lately...” And then Cherii started to daze about how her appearance and attitude changed.

November 21, 2006
Tadaimas gomane mina!
I'm back! Sorry for not writing yesterday, I was busy with some stuff... you'll find out what soon!
Okay, here's more of My Story!
One day she was taking a nice walk in Inohara Park, after persuading her mom to let her walk alone. She was 13 after all. She walked by a couple who were talking, and she overheard the girl say “I'm gonna go get some juice” but the boy said “No wait, I'll get them, you just wait on the grass.” She smiled, 'I would love to have a boyfriend like that'. As Cherii walked on, she started to sing her favorite song Discovery, sore wata bun machi gari ja nai, when a huge earthquake struck. Cherii shut her eyes and started to scream, but moments after, the shaking stopped. She timidly looked up and saw that she was surrounded by bubbles. And the soundings of Inohara Park were gone. Instead of Trees and buildings in the distance, there was a small mouse in front of her. Cherii have always loved mice so she bent to pick it up and all of a sudden, it jumped into her body, Cherii would have freaked out, but for some reason it felt to warm and good to do anything but close her eyes. When she woke up Cherii checked her watch to find that she was asleep for 3 hours! She went to the bathroom to make sure that she had no grass stains (normally Cherii wouldn't care, but she was in public), when she realized she had green hair and purple eyes! It was so shocking but she looked pretty good too. Cherii had one hour left until she had to meet mom and 400 yen in her purse, so Cherii went to the nearest party shop. As Cherii entered the store, people stopped and stared at her. Cherii was sincerely embarrassed, so she ran to the wig section, picked out a wig that matched her old hair color, contacts that were hazel, bought them, and ran out of the store. She went back to the bathroom and put on her selections. And then her life was changed forever....

November 22, 2006
Konba Wa mina! Man! My story has really taken off. I'm hoping it will become a manga. But first I have to finish the story, so here's another segment of My Story!
"Cherii, hey Cherii, wake up!"
Cherii snapped out of her daze to find that the woodland animals and Chiima were looking worriedly at her. Cherii realized that she had remained still for several minutes.
“Oh whoops! Did I faze up again?” Cherii tried to sound as nothing major happened.
“Hey Cherii, come over here.” Cherii looked over to see that Chiima was waving her paw, gesturing for her to come over. Cherii swam over to the bank where Chiima was sitting and got out of the water. The two walked away from the river and sat down in a soft patch of grass.
“Cherii, I’m worried, it’s been over a year since this happened.” Chiima made a motion towards Cherii’s ears and tail and moved on “And you still have had these dazes. You said it was probably temporary at first, but it’s been to long.”
“Oh come on, Chiima it’s just daydreams.” Cherii said,
“I know that its daydreams, but they’re 70% stronger and more elaborate than the regular daydreams that people have. No one remembers that much, not even photogenic people.” Chiima looked up to see Cherii in the middle of a rolling her eyes. “I know that it is probably not important but I’m just worried for you.”
“Chiima, I’m going to be fine.” Cherii picked up the little rabbit and hugged her “Don’t worry.”
And with that, Cherii stood up and cannonballed into the brook. Chiima sighed and hopped back to the side of the bank.
A few hours later it started to sunset, so Cherii and Chiima said goodbye to the woodland animals and headed home. When they were back in their bedroom, Cherii plopped on her bed and turned on the T.V. She started to switch between channels, ‘the best work out device eve’- ‘back to Saturday night cartoo’- ‘the mew mews have saved us all’- ‘come to Brett’s Buys!’-
“Wait! Stop Cherii, go back to that last channel!”
Cherii skipped back to the channel.
‘The Mew Mew girls have saved the city of Tokyo many, many times. The heroics of these 7 girls have saved us from the Aliens and The Saint Rose Crusaders. They are now one of the biggest trends in Japan. These adorable girls were injected with endangered species DNA and have been gifted with incredible powers.’ A picture of the Mew Mews came upon the screen while the host pointed out who was who and what their gene was.
Chiima hopped up to the T.V. screen.
“Who are these girls?” She asked.
“You don’t know who they are? They are the Tokyo Mew Mews, they’re really big.” Cherii answered.
“Hmmmm…” Chiima was apparently in very deep thought. She looked up a few seconds later and watched a little more about the super hero group.
Soon she turned around. “I think you are a mew mew” She said.
Cherii couldn’t believe her ears.
“No way! What have you got in your head now? … Have you had too many carrots?”
“Cherii, too many of your symptoms, and looks, fit too much with those of the mews. Were going to Café Mew Mew tomorrow.” Chiima responded.
That was the end of Chapter 1. I hoped you liked it! Sayonara!

December 1, 2006
Wahhhhhhh! I'm practially studing my brains out! Exams at Naiina Middle School are soooo hard! I'm sorry, I haven't been able to write with all these tests!
Wow there's been 25 visitors scince I've opened up this blog. Thanks for being so dedicated and reading my story. As soon as we get a new computer and a scanner, I'll be able to post some pics of me in my battle suit and school uniform. Well here's more of My Story.
~For the Future of the Earth, I'll be of service nya!~

“Why Café Mew Mew?” Cherii asked.
“Tokyo Mew Mew, Café Mew Mew, they’re practically screaming comparison.”
“Oh all right, I’ll tell mom that I’m going to hang out with some friend from school.
The next day, Cherii (in her wig and contacts) and Chiima went to Café Mew Mew. When they got there Cherii said, “Wow! It’s just as beautiful as when I saw it a year ago!”
Cherii walked to the entrance while Chiima hid in the bushes surrounding the café. Cherii was not so ready for this but she gathered up her courage and walked through the doors.

“Hey, Ryou, come over and see this.” A man who was sitting at a computer called over a 17 year old blond haired boy.
“What is it Keiichiro?” The blonde haired boy asked the man at the computer. His name was Ryou.
“Our sensors show that there’s a mew mew approaching the café.” The man reported. His name was Keiichiro.
“But that’s impossible! All of the mews are having a reunion!” Ryou exclaimed."I'll go and warn the girls that there will be a girl here soon." Ryou turned and left the room.

Up stairs from the cafe, 7 girls were talking excitedly under a huge banner that read 'Welcome To Tokyo Ringo!'
The Tokyo Mew Mews were joyfully welcoming Ringo, a red haired girl to her first visit to Cafe Mew Mew, when Ryou came through the doors that led to the cellar.
"Girls, I need you to listen." He said.
Imeaditaly the talking stopped and all 7 heads popped up to look at Ryou.
"Our sensors indicate that a mew mew is approching the cafe." He told them
A pink haired girl by the name of Ichigo stated, "But all of us are here."
"I know, but the sensors tell that there's a mew outside the cafe. I'm just saying that there might be a girl coming through those doors any second-" Ryou stopped and turned to the door to see that a girl with long red hair was standing in the doorway, apparently have had just come through the doors.

December 3, 2006
Wow! I can't believe how successfull this blog has been! Thank you sooo much. YaY! =^_^=
Once I get this story done I'm gonna make it into a script and then make a doujinshii from it! By then I'll have a new scanner and had posted up some pics of me by then. Here's more of My Story. Keep reading!

Cherii walked through the doors to find a young boy standing in front of 7 girls talking. The boy turned to her and stared at her with wide eyes. By now Cherii was extreamly embarresed to have interupted a meeting with the staff.
"I'm sorry, maybe I should come back later..." Cherii said turning to go back through the doors.
"Wait! Cherii-san? Is that you?" A voice shouted.
"Ya It's me." Cherii turned around. She spotted a girl whose green hair was braided in to two braids who had shouted her name. "Lettuce-sempai? Hi!" Cherii said with a bow.
"Hello Cherii." Lettuce said.
Lettuce Midorikawa was Cherii's next door neighbor.
"It's nice to see you, but I don't want to interupt your meeting." Cherii started to turn again.
"No, wait Cherii, come in." Lettuce said.
Cherii nodded and stepped forward.
"Why are you here?" A man walked through the doors that were behind the boy who was speaking.
"Um... it's kinda hard to say..."
"No it's okay, just say whats on your mind." The man said.
"Um, well I think I'm a... a..." Cherii stammered
"a mew mew." She blushed.
"Is there a way to prove it?" The man asked.
"Well, I've never shown anyone but my rabbit before... but," Cherii hesatently took off her wig to reveal her hair and ears. The girls gasped.
"About a year ago I was walking around here and... Oh!" Cherii noticed the pink haired girl. "I rember walking by her and a boy, the boy went to go buy some juice... A few seconds later there was an earthquake and I saw myself sourounded by red bubbles. There was this mouse in front of me and it jumped into my body... um... I know this sounds ridiculous..."
A girl about the age of 10 jumped up and ran over to Cherii.
"Bend down, no da." She said. Cherii obeyed and the girl clutched her ears.
"They're warm na no da!" She exclaimed. "I'm Pudding no da!"
Cherii blushed even more but continued. "I know this is weird, but I can also talk to animals." This was getting harder and harder by the second.
A girl with long blonde hair sat up and walked out of the cafe. There was quiet for a few moments and then the girl came back holding Chiima.
Cherii gasped. "How did you find him?"
The blonde smiled, "I heard him outside. My name is Berii." She said while giving the rabbit to Cherii. "Talk to him, then tell me what he says, I can tell if you're lying."
"All right." Cherii turned to Chiima. "Chiima I'm scared what if you're wrong and I'm just weird like I think I am?"
"Don't worry, I'm sure you are a mew mew." Chiima replied. Cherii nodded.
"Okay Cherii. Can you tell me what he said?" Berii said.
"Don't worry, I'm sure you are a mew mew." Cherii replied.
Berii nodded to the man and the boy, "She was right."
The boy nodded and turned to the man beside him. "Keiichiro, do we have any mew pendants?" He asked.
Keiichiro nodded, "We do, I'll go get one Ryou."
Keiichiro left and everyone turned to see an overly blushing Cheii. The pink haired girl stepped forward and introduced herself.
"Hi Cherii, I'm Ichigo Momomiya."
The rest of the girls took turns introducing theirselves to Cherii, "Hi, I'm Mint." A girl with her blue hair tucked into buns said.
"Hello, I'm Zakuro." A woman said. She had long purple hair.
"Hi! Ringo is my name. Ringo is very happy to meet you!" Said a smiling girl with short orange hair.
Then the boy stepped forward. "I'm Ryou Shirogane." He said. Cherii was kind of imtimadated by him.
The man came back through the doors holding a pentant.
"Here you go Ryou." He said. The man turned to Cherii. "I'm Keiichiro Akasaka. It's very nice to meet you." He said.
"I'm not sure about this, I don't really know if I'm really a mew. My rabbit," Cherii gestured to Chiima "just said that my symptoms were alike to those of the Mew Mews." She said
"Well there's only one way to find out." Ryou said, and he handed the pendant to Cherii.
Instantly words came into Cherii's brain and porued out of her mouth, "Mew Mew Cherii Metemorphosis!"
Imeaditaly Cherii felt the same semsation that she had felt a year ago. She felt her clothes being shed and were replaced by new ones. But she didn't care because her souroundings were once again, gone. She loved this feeling and hoped it would never end. But a few moments later she was back in the cafe. She saw everyones eyes on her and looked down.
"OH MY GOD!" She screamed. Everyone laughed at her reaction.
Cherii was clothed in a red dress with red boots and red gloves. Her pendant that she was holding was now on a chocker that she was wearing. The offical costume of the Tokyo Mew Mew.
Ryou stepped forward. "Welcome to Tokyo Mew Mew, Mew Cherii."
Pudding stepped forward, "But how did she get ingected no da?" she said.
"I think that Cherii was in so close proximity to Ichigo when she walked by that some of the ingection got into her." Keiichiro stated.
"But I have mouse genes, Ichigo-san has cat genes." Said Cherii.
"I think that scince cats eat mice, there might have been mouse genes in the cat DNA." Ryou said. “The mice genes must have bounced off Ichigo when she was getting ejected.”

December 4, 2006
WOW! There's only a few more days until my birthday! I'm born on Dec. 8! I'm gonna be 14! Again, WOW! Everyone is getting ready to throw a big birthday bash for me, even though I keep insisting that it's not nessecary. Thanks everyone! Including Akasaka-san for making my cake (I sneaked a peek at his design! It's soooooooo cute!). My Story is coming up!
“The mice genes must have bounced off Ichigo when she was getting ejected.”
Meanwhile Cherii dropped to her knees clutching Chiima muttering “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.” She seemed to be in a trance.
Pudding walked over to Cherii and placed a concerned hand on Cherii’s back and said “Are you ok oneechan?”
Puddings pat must have been really sudden because Cherii screamed out “Yaaaahhh!” and jumped.
Lettuce joined Pudding at Cherii’s side and said “It’s alright Cherii, you’ll be okay.”
Cherii slowly started to get up, but stumbled and fell right back down.
“Hmmm…” Keiichiro said, “It seems that when the DNA bounced off Ichigo, it doubled in power. Cherii may just be the most powerful mew ever.”
Cherii attempted to get up again and was successful. Even though Cherii looked fine, she was actually using all of her energy to keep from breaking down and crying.
“We have some extra café uniforms just in case something like this happened. Lettuce, would you please escort Miss Cherii to the back room to pick out a uniform, and show her the dressing room?” Keiichiro asked Lettuce.
“All right,” Lettuce said with a smile. She turned to Cherii and said “Let’s go, the back room is this way.”
Lettuce turned around and walked toward the back doors that Keiichiro had come through.
Cherii guessed that she had no choice but to follow her neighbor.
When they entered the back room, Cherii couldn’t hold it in any longer and started to cry. She leaned on Lettuce’s shoulder.
Cherii, being an only child had always looked up to Lettuce like a big sister.
Lettuce patted Cherii’s shoulder and said, “It’s going to be alright, Cherii. Come on, cheer up and let’s find you a uniform.”
That was Chapter 2! I'll have the next chapter tomorrow! Keep reading! (Arigato mina!)
(Remember that Cherii Umika is a fictional charecter. The information on the opening paragraph is false infotmation. But please keep enjoying Cherii's blog!!! =^_^=)
41 VISITORS! 41 VISITORS! 41 VISITORS! WOW! I didn't believe that this would be soooo popular! YaY! I love having a blog to post my writings on.
Well here's Chapter 3! Keep Reading!

Chapter 3
When Cherii came back, her hair was back to its original color and eyes were the same. Lettuce had told her how to return back to normal. It felt so good to be back to her old self after having to wear a disguise for the past year. She had also totally forgotten about her sadness. She was too excited about the uniform that she was wearing.
It was red like her battle suit but much cuter. It had ruffles and frills everywhere and had a cute heart shaped apron on the front. She also wore a lacey head band with a red stripe on it.
Cherii didn’t always dress girly-girly but when she was given the chance she really loved to dress frilly. She just didn’t any cute outfits in her closet besides her uniform. This outfit was the outfit of her dreams. And after Lettuce had told her that she was to work here daily, Cherii was super excited.
Cherii’s mom wouldn’t mind,for recently she suggested that Cherii would try to get a job anyways.
The news that she, Cherii, the hyper, yet ordinary girl, was the newest recruit to the Tokyo Mew Mew crew was a little overwhelming even after she had made herself trembling. But she promised herself that she would keep her mind on the café and fighting and not on the fact that it would be hard to keep a secret like this. Yet she had to, and she would.
After her first day at work (she had gone straight to work when she had gotten the uniform) she and Lettuce walked home together.
“Lettuce-sempai, I’m scared. What if I screw up when I fight?” Cherii wailed when the café was out of sight.
Lettuce patted Cherii’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, the words will come right to you and you’ll know what to do. When I got ingected, weird things started happening to me as well. I was afraid that with these sudden changes on my body, I would never make friends. And actually, I got so scared, that I attacked Ichigo and Mint.”
Cherii widened her eyes, “You did?”
Lettuce nodded, “Yep, Ichigo pretended to get mad when she knew that I was freaked out, and used her powers to kill the girl that was timid and shy, saying ‘Besides, we’re already friends, right’” Lettuce chuckled at the memory.
“Wow that was about the time I was injected too.” Cherii said thoughtfully.
Lettuce turned to Cherii. “Hey, would you like to come to a hot springs vacation with us? Last year we got an invitation to rent a cottage this year, it’s gonna be this weekend.”
Cherii was more than excited, “Sure!” And with that she walked down her driveway.

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