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I love sports!!! My favorites are basketball and lacrosse, but I also swim competetivly and run track. I was on the basketball and track team of my school this year. When I'm not playing sports I love to hang out with my friends. My favorite food is sirloin steak. :D My favorite movie is... well I'm not really sure because I like a lot of different movies. I am alwasy active but i maintain straight A's all year long. My favorite singer/music group is Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift.

My favorite colors are pink and green which is why I am making them like this. I am going to talk about lacrosse. So lacrosse is about to start and i am pumped!! I am really excited to play it soon, but the snow has to melt first. :( So to play lacrosse, you have to have the right safety equipment. For starters, if you are a girl, you have to have a face mask. That is to protect your eyes if the ball would come and hit you. If you are a boy, the sport has more contact so you have to wear a helmet. Boys also have to wear pads. Everyone who plays must have a stick and a mouth guard. Mouth guards are to protect your mouthh so if the ball hits you in the mout, it won't knock out your teeth. So the objec t of the game is to score the most amount of goals. To do this, you have to throw the ball with your stick into the goal. But this is harder than it sounds because there are defenders guarding you. These defenders will do everything they can to make sure your ball does not go in there goal, which brings us to the positions. There are 12 players on the field at once for each team, so there should be a total of 24 people on at once. The positons are as the following; Center- It is the center's job to do the draw. they may run full field. Attack Wings- These are wings who stay around the circle at half field. There are 2 attack wings. One may cross over on to defense. The other may not. Defense Wings- These are also wings who stay on the circle at half field. Like the attack wings, there are 2 of them and one may cross over on to attack, the other may not. Attackers- There are three attackers (Offense) They do not start at the circle, but on the side of the goal they are shooting at. They are the wons who try to shoot and score. They may not cross over on to defense. Defenders- There are 3 defenders, their job is to stop the other team from scoring the ball in their goal. They start on the side of their goal, not at the circle. And lastly, The Goalie- The goalie's job is to stop the balls from going into the goal. The goalie stands in the crease, which is a small circle around the goal. There is only one goalie.

I absolutley love vera bradley!!! All of my school things are vera bradley including pencil pouch, folder, back pack, and glasses case! I also have three Vera Bradley purses. I love it!!!!

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