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My hobbies Are launching rockets with my dad and Building stuff with him too. I have 3 rockets. I have built a Styrofoam boat with my dad and put it in the pool. Rockets are fun! I also enjoy biking.

I like cars

The biggest problem facing teens is drugs. Drugs are Found in schools. Alcohol is also a big problem for teens because it is under age drinking. teens are in jail for drugs. A Teen's biggest problem is drugs.

In 25 years i hope to be a storm chaser.i will build my own tornado intercept Vehicle. I will chase tornadoes of all sizes. I Am inspired by the TV show Storm chasers. The show is about a guy named Sean Casey who built his own intercept Vehicle. I am very interested in tornadoes.
Everyone go to

F5 TORNADO!!!!!!

A clerk stops robbers from robbing a shell station by using his gun. He had a permit to have a gun. The two thugs Used a Stun gun on the clerk. He drew his gun and fired three shots he says one hit a thug in the shoulder. He then called the police.

if i could be any movie character i would be buck beak from harry potter. Buck beak is a Hipogrith in Harry potter. HE is half bird and half lion. Sirius Black escaped on buck beak. Buck beak loves harry!

If there is a snow day I will test my new sled. It is a snow boogie sled and looks very fast. It is Black and has red lining. It fits 2 people. My brothers and I got it for Christmas.

i think gvms got the school of excellence because they ofter a lot of classes. They are the the only school that offers Journalism. GVMS Has been a school of excellence twice. They also got the school to watch award. GVMS is a middle school.

If i found an old trunk in the attic I would hope to find a time machine. I would travel to the future to see floating cites. Then Go to the past and see the dinosaurs. I would hope i could find a new species of dinosaur.I would also see the earth's first stage


if I made a time capsule, it would have a phone in it. This would show our technology. I would use a touch screen phone. I would also put money in it to show currency. I would also put a movie in it.

Do you believe in superstitions? I Believe That if a black cat Crosses Your path it means bad luck. My grandma has a black cat that lives in the basement. Some times if she crosses your path you have bad day. Her name is melody.

If I could start A charity, I would start one for Japan. I would donate Food water tents and machines to Japan. I would also collect money. I would also Donate Jets to evacuate people. Japan really needs help.

If I could have a new class in school, it would be a car class. You would learn to drive and repair cars You would also learn to Change oil. You would also learn to drive a truck. it would be very fun.

MY scariest experience Was when i was in a car wreck. We had a SRV. The road was closed down and our car was in a ditch. The car was there all day. It was very Scary!!!

I would not want an identical twin. I would not like being mixed up. And I like being the oldest kid. Having a twin would not be fun. I DO NOT WANT AN IDENTICAL TWIN!!

Top 5 things I can not live without I-pod touch 4
3.model rockets
4.My phone
5.My PlayStation 3

Year 2

I am totaly fine with wire taping as because I have nothing to hide. I also think that the new airport security is great so nothing dangerous gets on the plane. So I don't care what the goverment does to protect us. They Wire tap all they want so our country stays safe

The goverment should upgrade airport security so that something dangerous does not get on a plane.I think the body scanners are great because you can not hide anything! So I am totaly fine with security upgrades.

if I could change one thing it would be world peace and no war. It would rock! All countrys should be friends
If the countrys were all united we could clean up the earth

all about me

1. i love cars
2. I swim
3. I like cats

If i had to be a shoe i would be a snow board boot because snoowboarding is awesome!

A local girl was hospitallized after drinking two squirts of hand sanatizer. She was seven years old and did it on a dare.

penguin surfers hang ten because on July of 2011 pierre the pengguin was to cold to swimbecause he was losing his feathers. A local diving company helped the California Academy of science build him a wet suit now he is happily swimming once again.


1 What's been going on
2 When did this start
3 Why did tis all start
4 How did this come to mind
5 If you could change one thing what would it be
6 Who is involved
7 Where did this all start


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