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Problems facing teens

I think teens are facing stress about life and school. They are always worried about homework and other things at school. Another thing they are worried about is their social life. They do not know when their life could be ruined. That is what I think teens are facing the most.

My Perfect Day

My perfect day would start by sleeping in with my two dogs. For breakfeast, lunch, and dinner I would have chipotle. I would the go out to the mall and buy lots of clothes and video games. The last thing I would do is play video games until Ihave to go to bed. That would be my perfect day.

Movie character

If I could be a movie character I would be Indiana Jones. I would get to be in lots of action and explorations. I would also like to see all of the weapons. The last thing is that it would really fun! That is the movie character I would want to be.


The most important quality in afriend is respect. It is the most important because if they do not give respect then they are no friend to you. They need to always be kind so you will never have any fights. Is the most important quality in a friend.

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for my mother. I am thankful for her because she takes care of me and my sister. She always cheers me on at sporting events and congradulates me on good grades.That is who I am thankful for.

Thee saying don't judge a book by its cover is very true. You ccan pick up a book and think it looks cool just by looking at the front cover. It has happened to me and it has happened to every one. That is what I think of that.

One thing that can be stopped from kids dropping out of school is to give more opportunities. Like more reasons to stay in school. These things could be more clubs, sports, and classes. The last thing is maybe volenteering. Those are my reasons.

Things to do Before 50
1.get married
2.Get rich
3.have children
4.have big house
5.get ferrari

Questions to the President
1:Who is the head congressman?
2:Where do you like to vacation?
3:What do you think about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?
4:When did the war start?
5:Why do think you should be president?
6:How is your dog?
7:If you were not president where would you be working?

Suspect found beneath his bed.
A man was found under his bed after he tried to escape the police. The police were after him because he stole a car.

New Years Resolutions
1:No soda/junk food
2:get better grades
3:do not get in trouble

Haiti Earthquake
A major earth quake hit Haiti and left thousands stranded,wounded, or dead. The red cross is helping people ut right now. You can donate monet to your nearest red cross.

A sense I would live without

I could probably live without smelling because there are lots of bad smells in the world and I would not want to smell them. Even though there are lots of good smells I still think I could live without it. I can still taste so that would be good. That is a sense I could live without.

The scariest moment I ever had

I never really had a scary that I can think of. Nothing really scary happened to me. That is all.


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