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Welcome to Depend On Imagination!

The picture below was taken in July,2008, on TITLIS mountain in Swiss. I like travel, especially go abroad.
My name is Zhang Zhongyi.But mostly, people call me Mike, especially my USA teacher. I am also interested in designing something. Such as a building, I like to design a buidling that I dream of with 3D software. May be one day, I can start a designing company,haha~
Astronomy is also my hobby. If you like watching sky, you can talk with me.

The planets that I imagined. Produced by 3D Briyce

After 5 billion years, the earth will be like this picture I think. Also produced by 3D Bryce

A mountain on a planet's surface. It looks relaxing.

A moon has a massive mother planet.
When I was in Europe

I went to Germany,Luxembourg, France, Swiss, Italy and Vatican during July 17 to 27 in 2008.

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