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Brief intro
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Hey all,
First of all, don't worry, because this webpage will not be filled with the history of Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS) and all the rest of it. I will give a brief introduction but after that, this will be where I will show you all the fun things of SSIS!Last of all, please feel free to sign the gueatbook before you leave, thanks!ENJOY!

Lets start of with the school itself. Above is a picture of the school. Its considered to be the largest international School in the province, although personally I preferred the old school, which is now a hotel.

This is the entrance of the school, or the foyer. Quite big, isn't it? Sometimes events are held there too, instead of the theatre.

How 'bout a gardening CCA?
SSIS, as you may have realized, is an International school! So it has students from all over the world. 65% of which seems to be Korean....
Anyway, moving on to the more fun things of school. CCA'S!!! If you don't know what that means, it stands for co-curricular activities. Its where you spend one period of school each week doing an activity of your choice, like puzzles, sports, yearbook commitee, etc. In my case, I chose Drama.
Hey all!
Here's something I came across on the web. Ever heard of Neopets? Its a virtual pets website, quite popular. Some of you may find it childish, but just don't forget adults play too! After all, its good to be young at heart. Anyway, here is an article written by tambourine_chimp, about surviving school. Or in Neopets, Neoschool...
Anyways, as always, ENJOY!
Note: Just in case the author gets horribly mad at me pasting his work here, I'd like to clarify that this article was written by him, not me. Good? Yay.

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