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Today is about the children in need song it is cool. It is great how they have used all the people out of all the childrens tv people like Bob the builder and Padition bear. I carnt belived that is rasied over 200000 for children. In the U.K my gran bought this becuse she likes the song i though that it is for young kids but i was wrong it is for every one. When in the future i should not juge a anything by its cover.

If you want me to talk about your favourite peerson email me to nicola.08@hotmail.co.uk

My next page is about the Gino on I am a celebrity get me out of here. Gino is in trouble for killing a rat that is nothing compared to what you do in science when u cut into a frog. If u want to coment on this or you want to me to talk about your favourite tv star, email me and i will do it at nicola.08@hotmail.co.uk

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