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Name:Sari Fawasi Abboud
Date of birth:10 December 1981


Massari (real name Sari Abboud) moved to Montreal at the age of 10. At 13, he moved to Ottawa with his younger brothers Sami and Samer. He has made Ottawa his home, in 2002 he released his first song "Spitfire" that received local radio airplay on Ottawa's Hot 89.9.

Three years later, he released a self-titled album—Massari. His debut album resulted in four singles, receiving Gold certification in Canada, and he went on to have international success including Europe, Asia, the Middle East and in his home country Lebanon.

Massari's second album is confirmed to be out between late summer and early fall of 2008. The first two singles of the album, "Say You Love Me" and "In Love Again", premiered on April 28, 2008 on his MySpace site. "Say You Love Me" was a hit on radio stations worldwide, and on May 16, it was first performed in Lebanon on Star Academy. The video shoot for it will be released by the mid of July this year.
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Record Labels:

Massari had a prosperous relationship with independent record label, Capital Prophets (CP) Records Inc where he was signed and released his debut album "Massari" in 2005. The relationship went on until late 2007.

On 14th Nov. 2007, Massari and the record label, Capital Prophets (CP) Records Inc. came to a mutual agreement to dissolve their relationship due to contractual and financial disputes.[1] He is currently signed with Universal Records, and his upcoming sophomore album will be released in mid-2008.


Massari has collaborated with a number of artists. The single "Smile For Me" featured rapper Loon)

The single 'Rush The Floor' on the other hand features another Capital Prophets artist and a personal childhood friend of Massari Palestinian Canadian rapper Belly)

Vico, a former Capital Prophets Records artist is featured in 'Follow My Lead' from Massari first album. Vico is also featured in a song in Massari's upcoming album 'In Love Again'.


* 2005: Massari
* 2008: In Love Again

* 2006: Massari: Road to Success

* "Real love"* (2005)
* "Smile for Me" (featuring Loon) (2005)
* "Be Easy" (2005)
* "Real Love" (2006)
* "Rush the Floor" (featuring Belly) (2006)
* " In Love Again" (2008)
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