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'''''''''''''''''Barbie i love you''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' - Introduction

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Barbie's fashion

The reality- show sensation returns March 19th,2012. If you haven't watched Dancing with The Stars[DWTS],
here is what you need to know before the season 14 debut.

Celebrities are paired with proffesional dancers to perform routines from a variety of styles. The couples each earn a combined score from the show's judges and voters across North America. Only couples with the highest scores get to stay in the competition, until one fine couple wins it all.
To find more info. go to barbiecollecter.com/news/dancing-stars-getting-dolled-new-season.
Fashion pictures from barbie website.

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'''''''''''''''''Barbie i love you''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' - Introduction (Celebrities, People)    -    Author : Michelle - Uganda

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