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Well I think everyone in the world knows about this player ....
Lioneeeeel ... Mesiiiii!!

He was born on June 24, 1987 (26 years) in Rosario, FCBarcelona. He's from Angertina. His current team is the most famous footballer in the world thanks to its incredible football matches! Has scored over 310 goals with FCB. He has got a son named Thiago, and his famous wife, as not, Antonella Rocuzzo.

From the same team that Messi: Andres Iniesta!

His full name is Andres Iniesta LujŠn. He born in 11. May 1984 in Fuenteabilla, Albacete.En 2002, Louis van Gaal was hired Andrew to FCB with only 15 years. Today's current coach Tito Vilanova. He has a contract until 2015 with a rescission clause of Ä 200 million. Its most important goal of his career was in 2009, which qualified for the final Barcelona Champions League.
Now I'll just show us some pictures of the players I know ;)

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