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R.I.P Avalanna we love you <3

Hey guys!!
I finally saw Justin Bieber on August 3rd 2013 in DC!
Probably the best night of my life!
I waited patiently years and years for this moment!
The feeling I had when he first came out was unreal!
I felt like he wasn't real. He was too perfect. I had my eyes on my world.
He was like an angel when the screen opened to see him in the wings.
I had finally set my eyes on my one love. My lifesaver.
Justin has always been there for me when nobody else was.
I want all of you Beliebers to know to never give up and you will someday see Justin!
Maybe you will even meet him.
All though its painful to feel like everyone has seen the one that makes you happy besides you,
Its all worth it in the end.
All those feeling.
All the pain.
Everything it just goes away.
Crying and watching him do what he loves and to know you are in the same arena.
To think he's singing to you and only you.
When he points in your direction or when he calls all of us beautiful and we flip put
When he calls us HIS Beliebers and you cry even more.
That feeling is irreplaceable.
I could never hope for any more in my life.
Basically I want you all to know to NEVER SAY NEVER and to BELIEVE
because..I never gave up. And I'm so glad I didn't.
Thank you to everyone on the Bieber Team for making the Believe Tour possible.
Thank you to Justin Drew Bieber.
without you I wouldn't be how I am today.
Thank you for the best night of my life.
I promise you I will never ever forget it.
The Believe Tour was perfect.
I love you!

Please just remember he is only human
He's truly doing the best he can
Continue to give him your love and support through everything
He will never leave us
In 2009 we made a commitment to always be there for him
We are his Beliebers
We are a family
Forever and always

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