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love earth its your home
Hello my name is Betsy not the first blog I did another one

We all know that nature needs help and we can all help in many different ways. But let me tell u why nature needs help every day. A tree is cut down, a plant only one in existent dies are rip down. Every day animals die of having no place to go because there home was cut down. There was before so many forests and rain forests now deserts. And there is so many ways you can help, like pick up a paper and recycle it instead of drinking in plastic bottle drink with a stainless still bottle (which are very in fashion now). Take care where you live what gives u everything... food, a place to live, beauty, love, and more. Take care of it!

U know when something is gone you cant get it back (in certain situation) like you cant fix the holes in the ozone, you cant fix trees that once stood, but you can stop things, you can make things wright if you put your heart in too it and give it all you got things can change, you just have to believe.

here is a poem
the earth is sad
you will to
once i read this poem to you
the earth is breaking
and you are faking
to not understand
whats this life demands
make me one make me two
but then they turn out to be for you
now people are greedy sad and alone
but no one can dbool the love that god have shown
he gave us food he gave us land
but all he could have gave you was a gain of sand
then you go asking for more
cause you ruiend the other one and now u want two
and he says no you cant have it gone so long
take care of what you have now

pick it up!!

gather up a some friends give them plastic bags and have a contest to see who gets the most bags of trash they only have 30 min. and try to get a valuable prize to get them in the mood like 5 dollars or some thing and here are the rules

1.the player have to stick with a grown ups
2.all ways put the trash in a trash can when you finish honestly
4.have fun

Plant a garden!
gather up some friends and plant a garden! Even if you just have a small patio to the biggest backyard ever you can plant a garden. If you have a small patio,then just get a some all ready to plant tomatoes (or some thing else like strawberries).You have to try to get the most growth plant so you you don't have to wait as long.Now if you have a big garden plant flowers and fruits it fun its easy and now you don't have to pay for your vegetables or fruits you have them for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!
some really beautiful places
and some being destroyed




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