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CV01 場秞立弁 (Hatsune miku, Hatsune future)
Age: 16 years
Release Date: 07.8.31
Source: Saki Fujita
Height: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
Good genre: 80's to the latest pop songs
Good rhythm: 70 ~ 150BPM
Good at the range: A3 ~ E5
Meng points: onions, double tail, so there are people who onions motherㄗ棣矓ㄘ.
Hatsune: "The original sound (場戶化及秞)" "starting point" "the first VOCALOID2"
立弁: Chinese character for "帤懂" means "VOCALOID the symbol of the possibility of future music."

Representative Songsㄩ
Ievan Polkka(Rejection onion song)(辿棣貉)
場秞立弁及秏囮(The disappearance of Hatsune miku)
岍賜菴珨鼠翋蛔狟ㄗThe World is mine)
蟋反橩(Love War) ﹛﹛
皮仿永弁∴伕永弁扑亙奈正奈 ㄗBlack∴Rock Shooter)[B∴RS]
and so on......﹛﹛
CV02 挐秞伙市(Megurine Luka)
Age: 20
Weight: 45kg
Height: 162cm
Seiyuu: You Asakawa
Representative material: octopus, squid, Whip
Good type of music: jazz and Latin music popular national Department of Music / Dance of the family to the Department of Electronics
Good at BPM: 65 ~ 145BPM
Good at the range: D3 ~ D5
挐秞伙市(Megurine Luka)means that (in the wider world) to the sound circuit, singing and movement

Representative Songsㄩ
and so on......PictureHere]

CV03 mirror sound 伉 件
Mirror Music 伉件(Rin)▽The elder sister▼
Age: 14 yrs old
Height: 152cm
Weight: 43kg
Good at music types: rock, electro-acoustic music, songs music, speech, Department of pop songs
Good rhythm: 85 ~ 175BPM
Good at the range: F # 3 ~ C # 5
Representative objects: orange, road rollers.
Source: Shimoda Asami
Mirror Music: The keyword "Mirror Music" would like to express to others is a "mirror reflection of the sound" impression. Another meaning of the content was "mapped out another mirror of their own sex."
Although the mirror Music look lovely and pure tone, but the inside is very evil, like to tease people. Often as a little devil. Very popular.

Representative Songs
填用扑伉奈朮ㄗEvil Seriesㄘ▽噩秞rin&len▼
▽Including five songsㄩ填用矓 填用欸妏 啞用屾躓(欀穬 Regret Message Re_birthday▼
soundless voice ▽噩秞len▼
戊戊伕 ▽噩秞rin&len▼
and so on......
CV04 Mirror Music伊件(Len)▽the younger brother▼
Age: 14 yrs old
Height: 156cm
Weight: 47kg
Good at music types: rock, dance, singing songs, pop songs played SONGS
Good rhythm: 70 ~ 160BPM
Good at the range: D3 ~ C # 5
Representative material: bananas, road rollers.

CV05 丟 奶 戊 (MEIKO) ▽D秞丟奶戊is not the same person with the MEIKO▼
Age: More than 20
Release date: 04.11
Source: Bai Hongo 丟 奶 戊
Good genre: pop, rock, jazz, R & B, nursery rhymes
Symbols: wine (beer)
RIN and LEN the only people who dare to provoke.
CV06 田市奶 (KAITO)
Release Date: February 17, 2006
Source: Naoto Fuga
Good genre: folk songs, nursery rhymes, POP
Representative objects: being exposed pill. Ice cream

Representative Songs:
and so on......
CV07 朸哏互 仁 弔 (Gakupo)
Release Date: 08.7.31
Source: Gackt
Representative material: Eggplant
Role holds saber, purple hair long braids of antiquity people, fan says "S" knife name "Music knife", the saber in the set is musical instruments, sound pattern from the saber, saber play to the opponents so that it produces a sense of rhythm.

Representative Songs
☆FateㄩRebirth ★
aniimo- 失瓦奶乒
☆Paranoid Doll★
and so on......
CV08 MEGPOID (丟弘永禾奶玉) GUMI (弘立).
Source: Nakajima megumi
Release Date: June 26, 2009
The emerald green shoulder-length hair, wearing red goggles, wearing a warm color of the clothes is quite futuristic, green belt tied around his waist.
Like to do all kinds of gestures
Representative material: carrot

Representative Songs
麚璆漭韞皏擖 ﹛﹛
乒扒奶弁伕奈伙 ﹛﹛
廿仁日及ㄠㄥ滹憌橩 ﹛﹛
Just a game ﹛﹛
Eraser ﹛﹛
ч諾仿奶件 ﹛﹛
Liberty Heart ﹛﹛
帤懂槨啋s啋爛 ﹛﹛
旦正奈穴奶件 ﹛﹛
甩件戊它本奶丟奶 ﹛﹛
and so on......
Of course, there are some derived characters (subspecies)
CV09 欀竷洏
Variety: decadent line
Character: pessimistic, negative, jealous of talented people, negative and abusive, often drinking to forget there is no music to lament their
Height: 163 cm (visual)
Weight: 45 kg
Age: Unknown
Carried by: bottle
Constellation: Scorpio
Beam with long white hair, with red eyes, a little longer the "adult" faction enchanting enviable figure, arm holding a liter bottle of total, can move like drunk women.
Source: Hatsune 立 弁

Representative Songs
捚控生伙 (捚控秞隱)
Age: 17 years
Representative objects: mobile phone
Features: playfully
Length 150cm
Weight 38kg
Gold hairdresser
May be the work of hourly time students 700 yen
Music LEN love at first sight in the mirror.
(Say one more thing, this should be a subspecies of the most popular)
螝秞立弁(Zatsune Miku)
Zatsune Miku number is still 01, with a small amount of work.
Setting: the collapse of deification, blackening, vocal collapse, high combat effectiveness
Following is a side door to explain.
Refer to "the disappearance of Hatsune MIKU." MIKU black person to buy after the collapse of, or the vocal cords out of the question. Forming a noise. So the owner dropped her. As has been living in the psychological shadow of the original is obviously the beginning of their sound, but can not change back, but people do not like her clothes after a transformation, still a small concern, and finally simply forgot that he had been the beginning of sound, with long sleeves cover the the 01 mark. From cheerful again.
Age: 6 years old
Gender: transsexuals (male dressed female)
Height: 156cm
Weight: 25 tons (as is the relationship between Boeing)
Cup: D (definitely PAD)
Personality: Calm
Clothing: mourning
Hand-held objects: cabbage
Good stuff: bully people (and 6-year-old the same bullying)
Features: wind and Western style combined with exotic roles.
Good genre: lullaby
Good speed: 45 ~ 120BPM
Good range: D3 ~ D4
Source: 珧伒心仇

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