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*Name : Ali Zafar
*Date of Birth : 18th May, 1980 
*Place of Birth : Lahore (Pakistan)
*Zodiac sign : Taurus 
*Height : 5' 10" 
*Complexion : Fair 
*Favorite color : Rangeen ! 
*Favorite food : Allo palak, Chicken Sizzler
*Favorite actors : Dilip Kumar, Anthony Hopkins, Al Paccino, Amitabh Bachan 
*Favorite singers : Mehdi Hasan, Amanat Ali Khan,Ghulam Ali, Mohammad Rafi,Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha, Noor Jehan 
*Parents :Professors at the Punjab University

Looks like a prince himself,righttt?
Who is Ali Zafar ????

~~~Ali as a singer~~~

Ali Zafar is a Pakistan young singer.. Mostly he is known as “The Prince of Pop”. Being acting as different roles in his life mostly he is recognized as a singer. Ali always sat shy as a child listening to his father singing with his friends. But later Ali discovered his singing potential for the first time. He also brought home a singing microphone and an amplifier on which he sang till the neighbors burst!

Ali Zafar made his debut as a musician with the album "Huqa Pani", released Pakistan in 2003 and worldwide in 2005. The album was an instant hit, selling over five million copies worldwide and winning several major awards and nominations.

Ali has been to 11 different countries worldwide and has performed at more than almost 200 shows in front of thousands of fans from all over the globe. In so little time and such young age Ali has one album to his credit and has won the hearts of millions with his multi faceted personality and the magical voice and is all set to rock the world with his second album “Masty”.

Ali Zafar has bagged out five mainstream awards in a real short span:

1.Indus Music Award 2005 - Best Pop Artist
2.Asian Bollywood Music Award 2005 - Best Pop Music Album in Pakistan
3.Indus Music Award 2004 - The Best Album
4.Indus Music Award 2004 - The Best Debut Artist
5.Lux Style Award 2004 - Best Music Album

~~~Ali as a modeler~~~

He is a modeler too. Ali Zafar and modeling are always looking good. Ali is one of the few male models who besides not pursuing modelling as a serious job got the maximum number of quality projects and always had an edge over the others for his art of performance rather than just looking good.

~~~Ali as an actor~~~

Ali Zafar came into acting when auditioned for a mega production "Kaanch Keh Per" and was selected to play "Taimur". The play struck to be a mega block buster and besides earning him appreciation as an actor trained him to perform in front of the camera. This led to further recognition after playing in the funny funky "College Jeans" and it was "Landa Bazaar" that put him on the highway.While shooting Landa Bazaar, he shot for "Zid", a lead for "Ab Bhee Baarish Hotee Hai" and a single play "Jugnoon aur Aanchal".

~~~Ali as a painter~~~

He is a painter. He paints when not singing. He later graduated from the National College of Arts as a painter in 2002 with honors

Here are five of those you may not known about him ---

*The most perfect bliss for him are GOOD MUSIC and FOOD.
*He is directly competing with HIMSELF in the music industry .
*He is rating himself as a singer as 0.10 on a scale of 1 to 10.
*He wishes that he could continue his cricket and join the Pakistan cricket team !!!
*He likes Michael Jackson with people. Roger Waters when alone.

Stylish !!!

He's the BEST of BEST !!

Dose anyone to see my favorite photos of Ali Zafar?
Then look below & you'll find them.........
Hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Here's the no:4
I like this one very.......... much.
He's so cooooooool & looks like a "super star" !!!

Here's the no:3
I like this 'caz he is so cute here...

Here's the no:2
He's so ...... great here!
So mind blowing !!

Here's the no:1
I'd seen someone in Sri Lanka who looks exactly like Ali on this!

Hurry up,visit Ali's official site right now!!

Does any one want to hear any of Ali's rocking songs?????? Then visit the 2nd page named as Ali's songs.

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