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One Direction

Hello Directioners!
I'm Victoria!
This blog is ALL about One Direction!
I try to update often so come back and check out some new stuff!!

Hey Diectioners!
It's official! The Take Me Home Tour HAS STARTED!
Get your tickets because the boy may be coming to a city near you!

If you have not all ready,
go to the nearest store and pick up a copy of One Direction's latest album "Take Me Home"
I promise you guys will love it!

The boys at Madison Square Garden!
I'm so proud of our boys!!!! They deserved this! They are an inspiration, and they make us all happy. We all know they love us with all their heart. Just like we love them. Look at how far they've came. I'm beyond proud and I can't wait for them to get bigger and bigger.

Live While We're Young

Live While We're Young!!<3

That'san attractive face Harry ;) haha
Live While We're Young

Little Things is AMAZAYN!

The Boys on XFactor!

Judges House!




One Direction is a British Boy Band

They are soo adorable

If only I could mee them <3

Harry Styles

Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik

Niall Horan


Haha <3

I Love These Pictures!!

THREE VMA'S OMG I'm soo proud of the boys they really earned it!!! :)

1D Singing One Thing at the VMA's! They were amzeing :D

If You have not yet you need to go watch this video on You-Tube!! best fanfic I have ever seen!!

KEVIN!! <3

There are some people who take the fandom jokes a little too far..and the boys get really mad iv been told...I love you Harry.but you had this on coming..

Party Time with The boys <3

If You really LOVE 1D then you need to get yourself each of these dolls!!!!!

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